“Should You Be Afraid?”

The governing Fidesz lost at a local mayoral election on Sunday. But the real news is how they campaigned. Governing party is rarely seen to wallow in such full-blown, populist fear-mongering. 


Observe the punctuation. There’s nothing like three(!!!) question marks to make a point (Image:

The 4 reasons locals should(?) be afraid of:

“If the left wing would (by accident) win the elections, would they turn the entire country into a migrant settlement zone???”

So the entire country would (maybe) fall, but one must press that your town would, too. You know, in case you missed it:

“There are a lot of empty properties in Salgótarján [the town in question]. Is the current left-wing leadership preparing to accept refugees at Brussels’ request?”

But not just the town, let’s spell it out. Even the downtown and the lakeside would fall. Visualise the swarm of nasty, brown people on the beach…

“Is it true that they want to turn downtown and the lakeside beach into refugee camps???”

And finally, threatening with rape/Europe.

“The president of MSZP [opposition party, also known as left-wing] called for a European solution. Do we have to fear that Cologne-like atrocities would happen to us???”


Other leaflets have some more threats. If the opposition candidate wins:

“You may lose your public sector job.”

“You may be fired from the public work program.”

It is actually cruel that even public work is something to lose. The public work program is Fidesz’s blunt attempt to boost employment statistics. Basically digging holes for a pittance for three months – to qualify for unemployment for the rest of the year.

And my personal favourite:

“Only supporters or family members of left-wing politicians can get a job.”

Fidesz family members of all can truly feel the weight of these words. A bit alarming actually that they implicitly admit that this is how things go now in Hungary.

The opposition candidate won by a surprise landslide.


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