“The prize for a man is the woman. The prize for a woman is to be the prize.”

Guess where I found these quotes?

“A gentleman is a beast that can wait for a while.”

“Women can wear colourful frocks but comfortable shoes are the privilege of men.”

“Fire was invented by men, but women figured out how to play with it.”

“Apparently, women haven’t changed much throughout the centuries. They still enjoy playing the offended princess.”

“A woman can veil her face with a single smile.”


An actual example of how top lawyers invite each other to their annual ball

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

“If men would be honest, they would admit that they only ever do things or go places for the opportunity to see women.”

“Men who don’t like women are interested in fashion. Those who like them don’t even notice what they’re wearing.”

“There are three loyal friends: an old wife, an old dog, and cash.”

These assorted sexist quotes were the marketing campaign of the 2016 Annual Ball of the creme of the Hungarian legal profession in February. (Guess who had a colossal boner while picking these slogans?) The entire law profession found nothing to say about this after the media picked up on the cringe-worthy campaign.

Victims of actual sexual violence are thought to be reluctant to come forward due to the sexist attitude of police. Who would have thought they also have their lawyers to worry about?

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Note: Some of the quotes are supposedly from famous people. I didn’t bother to look up their English original – just translated the posters back to English – to spare the authors whose words deserve a better representation in their original context. Hopefully.  

One thought on ““The prize for a man is the woman. The prize for a woman is to be the prize.”

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