How a Broken Window Creates a Lynch Mob

In the early hours of May 5, 2016 the window of a high school in the town of Körmend (10 km from the border with Austria) was found broken. It was the window of the gym that was at the time empty. There were no witnesses, no one entered the building.


There is a radiator inside the window – not the best place to enter a building. Photo:

Why it is interesting?

The town’s refugee camp is located nearby.

The first refugees, 12 men and women, have arrived on May 2.

Vigilantes haven’t failed to make the connection and the local news featured horny migrants stalking “our girls” and becoming violent when confronted by the police.

By the morning, the government of Hungary reacted. The prime minister alerted the minister of interior to investigate and released a statement that mentioned the junior female volleyball team, illegal migrants and reassured everyone:

 “There will be no Köln in Hungary.”


Word of horny migrants was also spread by a TV channel – by that time they were “stalking the local female volleyball team”. The TV channel in question is not pro-government, but it is financed by a pro-Israel church that opposes anything Muslim – and also migrants by proxy.

By midday, police tried hard – and mostly failed – to explain that no such thing has happened. It was just a window.

But it was too late.

Pro-government and pro-Russia fake news portals were all at it. They are famously inspired by real events to give an air of truth to their fabrications. This was exactly the kind of thing that fuels their imagination.

Stories about the local female volleyball team being attacked by a group of horny migrants – and saved by the fans – were circulated and widely shared. (Sex being sexy, and females being the treasured commodity of the community, especially the valuable, young stock.)

This is what happens when the government plants horny migrants next to schools,

— gloated Magyar Idők in the headline.

It claimed that the nearby shopping mall had a strict dress code now for its female employees, and the local hunters’ shop can’t keep up with the demand for pepper spray. (Just 2 days after the camp was set up.) They also claimed that there were 80 migrants in Körmend, all male, and that the mayor has requested a 40-strong military unit to be sent there for protection.

By the afternoon, the spokesperson of the government apologised but kept pressing that “something did happen” and it will be investigated.

Next morning the mayor of Körmend demanded that the fabricated rumours be retracted, the breaking of the window duly investigated and the results widely broadcast in order to restore the sense of security in his town – as well as its good reputation.

So once again, this is what happened:



So when you hear about lynch mobs, you will know what triggered it. (No, not the window. The government.) Some migrant males may indeed be horny and sexist, but the government also works hard to keep your attention on them.


Just to give you a sample from the news of the week:

In the meantime, the Chief Prosecutor refuses to investigate the 1 billion dollars channeled into private foundations and spent on government bonds and the relatives of central bank chairman, Matolcsy. (The Chief Prosecutor’s wife being on the board of a few of the foundations.)

Also, Hungary’s biggest Ponzi scheme, Quaestor, won’t be investigated due to formal mistakes the prosecution committed in the paperwork. (The Chief Prosecutor’s son-in-law being the personal assistant to the owner of Quaestor and many from government implicated.)

Orbán still pushes for a referendum against the EU migrant quota. It will help him to pose as a savior of the country. By promising hefty fines for rejecting quota-refugees, the EU is helping him in that.

Just to put things in perspective.

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