“We send the message to Brussels so they will understand it”

“We send the message to Brussels so they will understand it”

– read the new billboards by the Hungarian government.  

Once again, they are in Hungarian – so Brussels may need an interpreter.

And once again, it took less than 24 hours for the billboards to be vandalized.


“We send the message to Brussels: HELP!” – reads the citizen-upgraded billboard.

Thanks to the legal proceedings after the last round of xenophobic billboards by the government in 2015, we also know that it is an expression of free speech.

Once again, it is about migrants. The billboards are in preparation of the government-induced referendum against the migrant resettlement quotas. We don’t have the date of the referendum yet, but the propaganda machine is already in high gear.

And it needs to be. There are two massive scandals to divert attention from, plus the fact that PM Orbán was made to make a retreat in the issue of the mandatory closure of retail stores on Sundays. Having a referendum on the quotas (which is not even legal) was literally his first reaction after the defeat on the Sunday closure became apparent.

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