Orbán Endorsed Trump

“I listened to what Donald Trump said and I couldn’t have put it better myself.”

–Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, July 2016


Image: Szarvas/

“I am not in Donald Trump’s campaign crew, I would never have thought that it would ever occur to me that he would be best for Europe and Hungary from the options that opened up. I would never have thought, but the situation is this: I have listened to this candidate, and I have to tell you that he made three proposals to stop terrorism and I couldn’t have put it better myself as a European, what Europe needs.” 

–Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, July 2016

By “Hungary” he meant himself, that one is straightforward. (He also meant himself when he said that Islam is not our problem, European bureaucrats are.)

As of the three Trump proposals he referred to, it could be strengthening the secret services, equating migration with terrorism and stopping it altogether, and letting the Middle East be ruled by assorted dictators so that they keep a lid on the flow of their nasty, brown people.

Or maybe he meant three other remarks by Trump. These were my optimistic guesses.

4 thoughts on “Orbán Endorsed Trump

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    • Did you know that Orbán is the black cat of international politics? He met and sank:

      – David Cameron (2016, 4 months before his resignation) Orbán even bought a full-page ad in The Daily Mail to support Cameron and “Remain”

      – Silvio Berlusconi (2011, 12 days before his forced resignation) Orbán told him “You can count on us”

      – Hosni Mubarak of Egypt (2011, 2 days before his unquestioned power crumbled and protests for his removal started) Mubarak is still in prison

      – Andrius Kubilius of Lithuania (2012, 2 days before a surprise election defeat)

      – Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia (2012, 3 days before his surprise election defeat due to a scandal) Crowd chanted “Viktor! Viktor!”

      – Sultan bin Abdulaziz (2011, two weeks before his death)

      But Orbán Also endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 and has a track record of trashing Merkel, Brussels (he’s not alone with that), etc.

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