“I Know That If I Don’t Leave This Country, My Daughter Will”

Our post, 7 Reasons I Am Leaving Hungary has inspired many to share their own lists of reasons. Today we share the list of payrollwitch (translation our own):

7 reasons I am leaving (soon):

1. You can’t make a living on your salary.

By “living” I mean having enough money to eat properly after paying the rent and the bills, as well as buying clothes, shoes, books, a hobby, sport, travel, theater, museum, or any family programs. And I haven’t even mentioned the luxuries, like a hairdresser, a beautician, or a good massage.

Right now only the child gets new clothes and shoes because she keeps growing, even though I keep telling her to stop already.

Any family program costs at least 20-30 euros, a summer camp starts at 60. And please don’t tell me that there are many free programs because there aren’t. If nothing else, you still have to get there somehow, by car, if you have one, or by public transport. But a single ticket costs a euro…

2. You can’t get ahead in life.

You can’t even make ends meet, so saving money is unheard of. If the washing machine or the fridge breaks down, the family is in shit. And most people don’t have savings, not even 20 euros.

A flat of your own, a car or a house is just a dream for many. You can hardly find a flat to rent, and even when you do, it is without a contract and at horrific prices. That’s why Hungarians want to own their homes, but tough luck.

3. Healthcare is a catastrophe.

The child had a wart in January – we got an appointment for April. We completed the treatment in a private medical practice by the middle of February, with freezing and treatments, etc. – but it cost over 200 euros per session. What if someone cannot afford it?

There are hospitals without separate bathrooms – only a sign lets you know which gender is using it at the moment. Or they make a time table – between 2-3 men only.

Most doctors expect “gratitude money”, they even tell you the exact amount, while in a publicly funded hospital, using the tools paid for by your taxes. (I normally hate saying “from my taxes” because people use it indiscriminately, but it happens to be true in this case.) Respect to those, who aren’t like that, of course.

4. Education is also in ruins.

What should I tell the kid to study to make a living here? How will I pay for college if she wants to attend with her bloody high IQ? Of course, she can become an excellent hairdresser or a beautician. But what if no one can afford these services?

I know that if I don’t leave this place, she will, because she has no future here. Kids leave school en masse illiterate an innumerate, they can’t understand a text – but at least they are undisciplined, because they are used to having rights but no responsibilities.

5. We won’t have a pension.

There is a new article every day on the importance of retirement savings, two calls a week from voluntary pension funds, and even the post office harasses you to make voluntary savings. What for? If you make a huge effort and save, let’s say, 20 euros a month, it is still no help.

Besides, I don’t believe that it won’t be stolen again (EDITOR’S NOTE: refers to the nationalisation of private pension wealth by this government in 2010), but never mind. 95% of physical labourers won’t even reach retirement.

6. The public mood and public behaviour is miserable.

Most people are good and helpful but life is becoming a struggle. You can’t raise an issue with anyone about anything because you will be told off. Don’t think about big things: don’t litter, turn down the volume, don’t beat up your classmate, put a muzzle on your dog, signal before you turn, etc.

7. Ever changing laws.

Every morning you get down to work and check whether things had changed since the day before. This is only a slight exaggeration. If you are an accountant, they definitely had. Latest craze is cash vouchers. This is a joke. What’s next? Bread vouchers? There is always room for deterioration…

What is your story?

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