Orbán Has Made It Into The History Books

Every politician’s wet dream is to make it into the history books – the kind of textbooks he had learned from. As of 2016, PM Viktor Orbán (53) has made it.


The new history textbook for 12-year-olds also contains illuminating things such as this Orbán quote from 2015:

“There are former colonialist countries and there are countries that have never had colonies, this is why they are culturally not accustomed to immigration. We must understand countries to whom immigration is not a problem. As former colonialists, they have always known this imperialist attitude, that big masses arrive to them from their former colonies.They are prepared for it, they live with it, they have its culture. Hungary has never been such a country and never will be.

“We regard homogeneity as a value, if a country is homogeneous in culture, way of thinking, its civilisatory customs. We think it is a value and we don’t want to sacrifice it.”

Next #CareerGoal is probably an equestrian statue in 2017.

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3 thoughts on “Orbán Has Made It Into The History Books

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