The Hungarian Eton Boys

Putin is way ahead of us once again. A group of students from the world’s most prestigious private school have personally met him. Lessons on soft power learned indeed – wonder if Obama, May, Merkel or Hollande had any comparable success with Russian elite students.  

Pro-Russia students are nothing new. France, Austria, Scandinavia and Germany also have their own set of useful idiots. The Hungarian branch even had a scandal before about some weird recruitment video supporting Putin (now removed).

For rookie nationalists in the West, location of birth has politely replaced race as a justification for racism – but not in Russian propaganda. Identitarianism is the new racism and nationalism – only deeper and even more shamelessly. So much so that they brand everyone “fascists”, while they use some variation of the same symbol:


The arrow in the middle is from the Arrow Cross, the logo of WW2 Hungarian Nazis

This is the logo of the Hungarian branch – also students – called Identitesz, who spontaneously happen to support the ultra-nationalist goals of Russia. They stage passionate anti-gay protests (that make you wonder why they are so obsessed about homosexuality in the first place), protect what they think is Christianity, and generally think they are better than all the other betters.

Of course, the protection of a family is code for attacking homosexuals, single people and women who refuse to produce enough “Christian” babies (in their world only women have children – they don’t dare to patronise men in the same way). Their “Christianity” is code for a knee-jerk opposition to Islam and has nothing to do with actual values – if anything, they find a lot of common ground in their opinions of women and religion being super-important because nothing makes people more receptive to your political message. And finally, their betterness has a lot to do with muscles, weapons, and sheer, authoritarian power-worshipping. What they hold in common is that they weaken their countries’ resistance to Russian influence and power grab.


From a recruitment video of Identitesz – the Hungarian branch of Putin’s army – now set ‘private’ due to sudden media attention. Image:

Identitarianism is the same old pile warmed up and spread by the useful idiots of Western countries – some of them genuinely don’t even know. It is warmly wrapped in the nationalist tropes of their own countries.

If those Eton boys would come up with a blatantly pro-Russian agenda one day when they come to power, no one should be surprised. Don’t worry, it will sound totally pro-Britain and will be justified with the British national interest. Justifications come cheap. I can give you a thousand before even googling it.

It is difficult to see in the fog of fear but the biggest threat to our way of life is not people born somewhere else – it is us being “just afraid”.  The flag-waving youth may superficially look like strength, but these people are mere power-worshippers, and that’s the opposite of strong. Besides, they have no tool to protect themselves from the power they support. They just believe that they will never need it because they will always be friends with their strongmen. They are wrong.

Location of birth has less to do with evil than cowardice, determinism, and power-worshipping.

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