The Desperate Mental State of Government Media

Moments after takeover by government-fattened oligarchs media outlets in Hungary turn into zombies. They shed their remaining brains and employ literally anyone who is still willing to work for them. And the standards are pretty high. Not professionally but in brown-nosing PM Orbán and his policies. And the bar is pretty low when it comes to political character executions.

This time the target is Gábor Vona, president of Jobbik, the Russia-inspired turbo-nationalist party. 

It all started with the gushing revelation that he had legally changed his name (OMG, right?), followed by accusations of homosexuality. Alright, I admit, Orbán vs. Vona is a bit of an Alien vs. Predator situation here…

alien v predator

I can’t honestly feel sorry for Vona having the homophobic card turned against him after the disgusting, homophobic attitude and policies of him and his party. But the slander only just started there.

Here are a few photos state media took from Jobbik’s website – and the (obviously, completely fake) stories they ran from them.

Caption accuses Vona of having lost his temper and breaking his son’s arms – not even the famous psychiatrist (best know about his work on addicts) could help him (!!!). 

And he naturally uploaded the incident to social media…

Evening news on the totally “private” TV2 recently bought by Orbán’s film oligarch on public money. The splendid Photoshop work only suggests what the caption actually says: “A light bulb was stuck in his pooper”

That guy on screen used to be the face of news. Now he reads this. Welcome to the world of autocracies: the place where you can turn yourself into an…. you know. On screen. To keep your job.

You think there is nothing lower than that?

This tabloid accused him with spreading Nutella on his manhood in order to commit bestiality on that puppy. 

Again, evening news “Compulsive – Over-medicated again?”

Another news anchor going down the … drain, reading “Gábor Vona may need, others believe he is already under psychiatric treatment. The movement of his lips on this footage may be the side effects of strong psychiatric drugs.

Once icon of independent and quality online journalism, Origo went under when its owner, Germany’s Telekom had sold it to a government-friendly oligarch (shortly after firing a journalist for having unearthed some uncomfortable hotel bills on Orbán’s right hand man). Ever since it is not worth reading – unless you specifically want to see “news” like this:

Caption accuses Vona of stealing logs while drunk and/or having consumed synthetic drugs  

Again, stop looking for excuses, these are just random photos, desperate (and probably freshly graduated) media workers have turned into slander in order to satisfy their new masters. Just as you, average readers find it hard to believe that all this can be said on television without a grain of truth to it.

Real journalists, in the meantime, have no jobs.

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