Young Hungarians Are Still Too Liberal For The Government

The Hungarian Youth 2016 research (pdf) is part of a survey conducted by the government every four years on 8 thousand 15-29 year-olds in Hungary. 

Married among 15-29 year-olds:

2000: 22%
2016: 10%

How much salary would you be satisfied with?

22% answered less than 500 euros (after taxes) per month
52% said less than 700 euros.

1/3 would like to leave the country

…to study or work.

  • 83% would like to work abroad “for years”, of which most (45% of the sample) would like to live abroad.
  • 69% of those wanting to move abroad want to do so for a better life.
  • 12% due to the political climate.

No trust in politics and politicians

According to pretty much every social science research and survey, trust for politicians and the political system is very low among Hungarians – and the lowest among youth.

Interest in politics is accordingly low: 44% is completely, 20% is rather not interested in politics. That happens to be great for Orbán, because even though most of them consider themselves “right wing”, they are also more liberal. As in, not authoritarian enough…

The Hungarian youth consider themselves rather “right wing” and more and more “liberal” and moderate

…despite every effort by the Orbán regime to create the perfect authoritarian followers – up to and including reducing the number of young people in education, lowering the mandatory school age to 16 and channeling as many youth as possible into “learning a trade” – some of them as cutting-edge and future-proof as carpentry.

Young people support democracy

2008: 40%
2012: 41%
2016: 55%

The survey was conducted by the government, so its result might show a more flattering image of the opinion of youth – than it actually is. And yet, it doesn’t look rosy.

Hungary is going stronger with its youth – by its youth“, commented the minister of human resources (!) on the report.

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