Ethnic Refugees In Hungary

An ethnic refugee is a person who considers aggression by a member of his own ethnic group as an unfortunate, but isolated incident – but aggression from anyone else as an ethnically motivated inevitability.

One such ethnic refugee to Hungary will soon be Nick Griffin, former leader of the British National Party (BNP), who attended an ultranationalist conference in Budapest last week.

According to Griffin, Hungary is already a refuge to Western European ethnic refugees who wish to live in a blissfully Muslim-free (albeit overwhelmingly depressed and economically peculiar) country.

“Hungary and Budapest are already a very good hub. There is already a sort of nationalist emigré community building up here. There’s French, there’s the Italians, the Swedes, and Brits as well… It’s only a trickle at present. I have no doubt at all that when the trouble really begins with Al Qaeda, and ISIS in Western Europe, that trickle turns into a flood.”

–Nick Griffin at the conference, Stop Operation Soros! in Budapest, March 2017

Last June we learned from the Bavarian state TV that German pensioners are abandoning Germany in flocks because they don’t hear German words on the streets anymore these days. Apparently, they do so in Hungary, because they are said to be coming to Balaton – where the Bavarian TV interviewed them.


AfD voter Herr Müller may have punished Germany for letting all those brown people in – but looks like he won’t hear a lot of German words at Balaton either. Curious Hungarian journalists couldn’t find a single property agent near lake Balaton that could report an increase in buying interest from abroad. If anything, they saw a moderate decline.

Xenophobic escapism to all-white, all-Christian Hungary may not have been the thing last June, but it will certainly become reality soon – if we are to believe Griffin, who attended a conference last week in Budapest.

The conference was called “Stop Operation Soros!” and organised by Identitesz, the Hungarian branch of Russia-inspired “identitarians” (people who can’t wait to start killing in the name of birth-based identities).

For reluctant nationalists in the West, location of birth has politely replaced race as a justification for racism – but not in Russian propaganda. Identitarianism is the new racism and nationalism – only deeper and even more shamelessly. So much so that they brand everyone “fascists”, while they use some variation of the same symbol:


The logo of the Hungarian branch refers to the WW2 symbol of Hungarian Nazis, the Arrow Cross. Identitesz also happens to support Russia’s ultranationalist agenda.

The conference predictably ran on the premise that Europe is at greater risk from foreign-born authoritarian followers and religious fundamentalists, than home-grown ones. And that misunderstood Christian teachings make people the right kind of aggressive – as opposed to Muslim ones. They fret about not enough of the right kind of people, and too many of the wrong kind of people, they call it “ethnic catastrophe”, or “national suicide”. They love walls, identity, and history (although not the pre-nation state one, when the myth of ethnicity has not yet served as a distraction from the abuse of power by uninhibited kings and rulers).

According to Griffin, Hungary is already a refuge to Western European ethnic refugees who wish to live in a blissfully Muslim- and liberal-free country. They may never hear their native tongue again, but that’s fine because now they are the immigrants.

He may actually be right, given recent reports on how Hungary is a training ground for self-training militias and adventurous Russian secret agents, who happen to practice paintball (and worse) in the woods together. Or maybe not. These are Russian emigrants thirsting for an all-white habitat, such as Hungary. One recent incident when a policeman was shot by a known extremist with links to Russian security services shed some light on an uncomfortable underground of ultranationalist activities.

Griffin hopes the Hungarian government keeps out nasties and liberals – and lets these wonderful, ethnic refugees in in the future.

According to the journalists, who were reported to almost outnumber attendees at the conference, the Nationalist International (Natintern) may be hindered by the sorry fact that nationalists, at least the Hungarian ones (and their interpreters) are not very good at English. But it doesn’t really matter when the speeches are more about feelings and emotions – and when the point is to implant fear. An invisible threat or a threat that the audience has to make up for itself (in the absence of translation) scares them a lot more effectively than any carefully crafted rhetorical monster ever could. So the morale of the story is: no matter your weaknesses, never give up. In a twisted way they may help you in getting what you want. Provided that it is a war what you want.

Featured image: Botos Tamás, (Nick Griffin at a conference in Budapest)

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