How To Lie By Asking Questions?

Questions can lie. Especially when they are not really meant to elicit an answer.

Like the so called “national consultation surveys” sent out to every Hungarian household for the sixth time since the Orbán-government came into power in 2010 “to ask the opinion of the people” about issues they only learned about from the survey. Issues that are often non-existent. And of course, with loaded questions that smack of the 1930s.

There was one about restoring the death penalty, and another before Orbán’s anti-EU, anti-immigrant referendum in 2016, when they sent a letter to every Hungarian household to ask questions like:

“Some think Brussels’s mishandling of immigration contributed to the advancement of terrorism. Do you agree with that?”

“Do you think Hungary will be a target of a terror attack next year?”

And gems like:

“How important do you think the advances of global terrorism (ISIS and recent attacks in France) in your life?” (Yes/No)

Which clearly tells you two things:

  • That they genuinely couldn’t care less about the few pathetic citizens who took the “consultation” seriously and tried to answer it, and
  • that it wasn’t meant to ask. It was meant to freak out.

This is how people learned that “terrorism” has something to do with their own lives and that it has everything to do with migration.


“Stop Brussels!” read the billboards of the 6th “national consultation”


This week, the 6th round of glorious Fidesz fearmongering propaganda is sent to every household on approx. 4 million euros of public money. The new campaign reads “Stop Brussels!” – and their court media can’t stop promoting it. On public money because, you know, it is a public service announcement.

And the questions? Sample yourself:

“It is established fact now that illegal immigrants targeting Hungary are not only encouraged by human traffickers, but also by certain international organisations – to commit illegal activities. What do You think Hungary should do?”

A – Activities that aid illegal immigration – such as human trafficking and popularizing immigration – must be punished.

B – Let us accept that there are international organisations that can encourage to flout Hungarian laws without consequences.”

Great. Now even the term “international organisation” is a swearword in Hungary.

And not even the questions are true.

People can also learn, in a similarly manipulative fashion, that Brussels wants to settle illegal immigrants, that Brussels wants to take the control of utility bills out of precious Hungarian hands, that Brussels wants multinational companies to deliver poor quality products to Hungary, that Brussels wants international organisations in foreign hands to be unaccountable, and that Brussels wants to forbid the Hungarian government’s efforts to lower taxes and create jobs.

They government wouldn’t ask about these things if they weren’t happening, right?


Not even the questions are true anymore. Hungarian political propaganda has reached the point when not even the topics discussed exist. When the hand-picked “issues” designed to cement Orbán is power are no longer even based in reality, not even malicious misinterpretations of things that actually happen. The questionnaire is fiction from beginning to end. If you feel that you live in the 1930s, that is because they behave (and communicate) like that.

People are encouraged to send these letters back with their answers, but neither the number of returned surveys, nor the answers are ever made public, and the questionnaires are shredded.

Even though they could clearly just lie. After the millions were spent on angering and misleading the people to hate Brussels for their misery instead of Orbán, he will go on radio (where he is “interviewed” but without questions) and tell the plebs that the plebs is totally with him.

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