How To Steal Like A Champion?

CORRECTION: We have wrongly assumed that Olympic-size corruption could not take place just because the Olympic plans were cancelled. We were naive.


Ever since the catastrophic delusion of Budapest Olympics 2024 was cancelled, the government and its cronies have been weeping crocodile tears for it. But no one is moved so deeply by triple jump and javelin throw. Those tears were shed for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to steal a country blind and leave for the Bahamas.

– wrote Meanwhile in Budapest blog immediately after the plans to host the 2024 Olympics (at the estimated cost of half the GDPwas cancelled. Then we looked into the not-at-all-funny ways the 2017 World Aquatics Championship’s expenses started to get out of hand. It is amusing to read that they expect the entire population of this planet to watch the opening and invite the Rolling Stones – awarding themselves with a few billions more in frivolous contracts. It was less amusing to watch how the company founded to coordinate Olympic spending failed to stop operating – and spending. Now we know why.

After a few weeks of agonizing worry that they might have to let go of the corruption opportunity of a lifetime – they came up with a triumphant solution.

They don’t need an excuse to spend all that money.

They plan to build each and every Olympic venue and single-serving stadium  – even if there will be no Olympics in Budapest.

So once again, our old and experienced leaders knew better. They know better how to steal – and they know that it can be done without an excuse.

The golden shower of public money will take place. Maybe even better without an excuse. This way they can show who’s the boss.


The officials in charge of securing the golden shower promised to apply for the hosting of other sports events. And the next Olympics. Something may come up for all those rust-gathering stadiums and heated football lawns. I mean, once they’re there, who would dare to suggest not to take advantage of it?

The will of the country and the economic limitations can go to hell, that money was earmarked to be stolen through overpriced contracts to build useless, big things – so it will be stolen. Lest the peasants might think their resistance makes a difference.

We apologize. We were proven to be extraordinarily naive. It is perhaps a good thing that youth is on the streets to protest shameless corruption from Romania to Slovakia and Hungary. We are missing the good old days, when they felt at least ashamed when they were caught stealing. Now they’ve lost every inhibition.

Oh, and please stop calling stadiums “infrastructure”. They are not.

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