Return To The Middle Ages When Things Were Simple And Individuals Didn’t Exist

During a spectacularly disgusting “pro-family” conference of homophobic US fundamentalists and dubious Russian oligarchs the Russians and Americans were peddling homophobia, while the Hungarians were pushing demography. 


There is no such thing as an individual

promote the organizers. According to one of the speakers, “authoritarian liberalism” is over and the “normalcy” of pre-enlightenment darkness is back – where the idea of an individual didn’t ruin the all-important and politically desirable nation. And the family.

The unit of society must be a family, of one man, one woman and children – as the Hungarian basic law already defines a family – excluding every other life situation, such as non-heterosexual, childless, or widowed people. They get less rights – if they are lucky. And no one in these model families have any role as an individual either. We are easier to handle that way. (They consistently take the view of the ruling elite, which is not surprising.)

The Hungarian government piled on and immediately announced a new demographic push (minus the budget for it) – targeted at women. In it is the fantastic idea to waive the student loans of every woman who gives three new taxpayers to the budget. That would also quite possibly eliminate her from the job market for life because the Hungarian system pays for three years of maternity leave per child (pays very little, only symbolic and serves to justify keeping them at home, so don’t start clapping like a baby seal), and then doesn’t protect mothers at the workplace. In fact, a few months ago they floated an idea of a demographic commissar at every workplace to ensure that women are motivated to go home to get pregnant and care for the children.

But as we learned at this conference, female work is slavery, anyway. But only when it is paid. (Men’s paid work is a cakewalk, obviously.) Also, not earning money fosters the all-important dependence which, in turn, makes people bond and accept their circumstances – rather than improving them. You better start on the micro level if you want to build up a full-fledged, medieval autocracy.

Fundamentalists never give up on enforcing their vision upon others, taking a god’s eye view of people, including themselves. And they never give up on promoting mindless reproduction and the lack of reproductive control (enough to look at religious fundamentalists anywhere, and the societies they created). Yet, they haven’t come up with any other way of promoting fertility, other than utilizing women and limiting their options (“women’s rights not human rights”), either by legislation or by social pressure. In their world, if women had rights, there would be no more comfort (and birth). Hence the desire to return to the past which they feel they already understand. After all, it was written about in history books, in easy and simplistic manner. Individuals were not. By equating paid female employment with slavery, they elegantly veiled over the fact that employment is a way to reduce personal dependence.

The other striking thing is that they regard children as women’s problem only. Hence their fixation on the female population to stimulate the much-desired births. For them, men have no role in birth or childcare (which might explain why these fundamentalists are so insecure and woman-fixated), let alone in demographic matters. Curiously, they also lament that men don’t get (don’t ask for) the children in divorces.

And the only thing they must enjoy more than thinking about regulating other people’s sex lives – is the consequences of sex. Opposition of abortion, birth control, reproductive control and sex education are axiomatic at a meeting like this. The air of condescension to fellow human beings is dense and punitive instincts run wild.

One must wonder how a self-respecting human being can take life advice from these obviously mean creatures, who mean only harm, dependence and pain for everyone, who deny the individual and his capacity to improve his surroundings – under the disguise of “just promoting family values”.

They also couldn’t stop bashing the UN. Not that the UN does anything to bring reproductive control to large parts of the world – that would outrage most world leaders – but for sex ed or vaccination. Keeping people in the dark until it’s too late and they are trapped in parenthood is so suffocatingly condescending and evil, it should open eyes.

Their next goal: home schooling. It doesn’t just allow purer religious indoctrination, but also exorcises the demon of sex ed.

But again, this outrage is only smoke screen. Even if the participants actually believe what they say. The guest list of this conference will be stapled to the monitor of investigative journalists for years to come.

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