Mail Order Brides Without Borders

Hungarian Women

Country: Hungary
Population: 9,939,470
Ethnicity: Hungarian 92.3%, Roma 1.9%, other or unknown 5.8%
Languages:Hungarian 93.6%, other or unspecified 6.4%
Contraceptive prevalence rate: 80.6%
Obesity – adult prevalence rate: 27.6%
GDP – per capita (PPP): $20,000
Mail Order Brides suitability rating: 2-star mail order brides

“Hungary is a member of the European Union and has a thriving economy. There are few Hungarian mail order brides. Hungary is not recommended as a top country to search for a mail order bride, although it is a country of interest for many foreign women from poor countries who wish to immigrate to a more prosperous country.

We recommend that you consider countries with a 3-star rating or higher to find the international woman of your dreams, for romance, love, and marriage, as these countries will provide more of an abundance of beautiful young women that wish to meet you.”

–recommendation about potential mail order brides from Hungary

The mail order bride industry is not a Hungarian issue but it makes you, the individual, appreciate the opening of borders. It should make you think before bashing the EU.

When your country joins the EU, you lose your value as a potential mail order bride. You will suddenly have other options. And when women have more options, their “traditional values” stop acting up and they no longer accept being a dependent house maid and sex toy for just any Western guy.


Getting married is still a financial plan for many. Marrying well is the way to achieve a middle class life. A real one, not the Hungarian “middle class”.

Getting married across borders can be done by the privileged way – moving there just because you can, and finding a mate the old-fashioned way – or the poor way. And the poor way is the mail order bride industry. Being owned by a politically disadvantageous country renders a person worthless and undesirable in economically habitable countries. (But I know, you believe that passports are there to enable you…)

We have no reliable data to estimate the size of the marriage-for-a-better-life squad in any given country, once the breeding stock is allowed to move freely. It is also easy to confuse with love-based marriages. But we can still cringe at the nastiness of the mail order bride industry – without leaving our living rooms.

The mail order bride industry is the saddest manifestation of your country’s ownership of you

It is hard to watch this documentary on American guys traveling to buy Ukrainian mail order brides – and not want to punch something. They pay tens of thousands – but not to the women. They pay to the agencies who live off the misery of (mostly) women who are locked up in an economically uninhabitable country and need the legal exemption of marriage to leave.

The recurring theme with these transactions if that men are “disillusioned with western women”. They are seeking women like those in Ukraine who have more “traditional values” about a women’s place in the home. Read: docile and subservient. No, actually, you don’t need to read it into their words. They says this out loud.

“I think America is evolving for the worst. It’s almost like a woman doesn’t need a man anymore. The women in Ukraine are totally different to American women. They are more attentive and appreciative, they are not competitive with men.”

Andrew, 44, a civil servant from Wales, tells how he feels the same about women in the UK:

‘You don’t want a woman who wants to be a man – who wants to be the big bread winner and drive a fast car.’

“Traditional values”

But worry not, you can buy a docile woman and still pretend you are not just exploiting her legal situation. You just have to claim that “docile” is a “cultural trait”. And that you are not an authoritarian underdog seeking an even lower level dog beneath you – you are “traditional”. It’s not your own doing that this “tradition” happens to provide you with a house maid, sex toy and human incubator for your second coming. It is what these women want. They are born to serve. They are unhappy if they can’t.

Russian Women

Country: Russia
Population: 142,500,482
Ethnicity: Russian 79.8%, Tatar 3.8%, Ukrainian 2%, Bashkir 1.2%, Chuvash 1.1%, other or unspecified 12.1%
Language: Russian
Religions: Russian Orthodox 15-20%, Muslim 10-15%, other Christian 2% note: estimates are of practicing worshipers; Russia has large populations of non-practicing believers and non-believers, a legacy of over seven decades of Soviet rule
Literacy: 99.4%
Contraceptive prevalence rate: 79.5%
Obesity – adult prevalence rate: 26.5%
GDP – per capita (PPP): $18,000
Mail Order Brides suitability rating: 5-star mail order brides

Russian women are the most highly sought after of all the world’s mail order brides, perhaps due to a high percentage of western men being attracted to Caucasian women. Russian girls start dating at an early age. Many Russian mail order brides speak good English.


Do you like brunettes? What about blondes? If you want a woman that has class, sophistication, and looks, then our Russian Brides are exactly what you are looking for. Russian mail order brides make great wives, both for their looks and for their personalities. Russian brides are some of the most popular that the world has to offer, and we have the best of the bunch.

Your Russian bride will probably be willing to relocate to the country where you live, learn a new language, and start a new life for a man whom she loves; she will appreciate and take care of him. She appreciates family values, knows how to make your house feel like a cozy home, and allows you to be the head decision maker.

— reads a mail order bride website’s description of Russian women (as such)

When looking at mail order bride websites’ hilarious descriptions of the qualities and looks of brides from a certain country, an interesting pattern emerges: when a country joins the European Union, its “brides” become less recommended. Not because they lost their desirability as a mate – but because they now have better options for a life, and suddenly their “culturally ingrained” submissiveness and desire to unconditionally serve a man – any man – disappears.

Which is weird for a cultural trait, if you think about it.

NEXT about the men who seek to reap the benefits of the mail order bride industry… 

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