Guest Post / Satire

“Grandma, Is This True?”

Dear Grandma,

I hope you are well and safe.


I’m worried. I’ve read on Origo that Jobbik party members started insulting senior citizens, following their leader’s instructions on Facebook. So Jobbik is attacking old people? I couldn’t believe it, but then I saw the news on TV2, and TV2 couldn’t be lying, could it? They have just received a state prize for being an Excellent Hungarian Product so I trust them completely. And they confirmed my worst nightmares. 

Grandma, I hope you don’t go out alone. And if you see people under sixty, please avoid them. You cannot take such risks at your age. It’s best if you avoid foreign-looking people, as well. Or, better still, don’t leave the apartment at all.   

I hope you will have a word with Mother and stop her from travelling to Hungary next month. I’m worried that the Jobbik gang will attack her, too. 

I hope Mom will reconsider moving back to Hungary. The situation sounds dangerous. And if Orbán wins the elections next year, I hope he will take on Jobbik – but only after stemming the immigrant flow, of course. 

I’ve been following Hungarian media reports because I don’t trust the Norwegian and western media anymore. They are stifled by political correctness and censorship by corporations.

On Monday, there will be elections in Norway. The left will probably win and allow a new wave of immigrants, according to the Soros-plan. But the Norwegian media doesn’t report it. Unlike Hungary, we don’t have a press loyal to the national interest. Norway is heading towards decline, like every western country, because of Brussels and Soros.

Instead of participating in this sham election, we will visit Berlin. So we can have a look at it before Merkel’s “guests” blow it up. I know it will happen because Hungarian state news reported. 


Your grandson

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