Where Is the iPhone X the Most Expensive in the World?

It is cheaper for a Hungarian to buy a return flight to Hong Kong or the United States and buy the new iPhone X there than it is to buy it in Hungary. 

The price of the iPhone X (64GB) in countries:

Hungary — $1,481

Italy — $1,425

Ireland — $1,413

India — $1,390

Germany — $1,376

U.K. — $1,325

China — $1,284

Australia — $1,269

Singapore — $1,225

Hong Kong — $1,099

U.S. — $999


For consumers in Hungary, Ireland, India, and the U.K., the prices are significantly higher than the U.S. price due to sales tax or value added tax (VAT).

USD 1,481 is 230% of the average monthly salary in the country. But repeat after me: Hungary is cheap. Totally. When you come as a tourist and compare the prices in the restaurant. Not much else.

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Data: Vice



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