The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

This Is How Fidesz Media Looks Like

On an average day, print media looks like this. 


“THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! Brussels bureaucrats demand that Hungary change its immigration policy. An organisation financed by George Soros launches lawsuits against our homeland in support of Brussels. STOP BRUSSELS!”

The above full-page advert is paid for by the taxpayers, and prepares voters for the arrival of Orbán’s new “national consulting survey”, a direct marketing “questionnaire” that asks loaded questions and only really serves to make people aware of the things they should be scared of. And reminds them that only Orbán wants to save them.

The letters are supposedly returned and the answers inform Orbán’s policy. But since “national consultation” is not a thing, nothing compels the state to disclose how many of them have been returned and what they said.

But given the nature of the “questions”, there is not much to count, anyway. The message is outgoing – not incoming.


“Hungary is committed to lowering taxes. Brussels is now attacking our homeland for this as well. What do you think Hungary should do? STOP BRUSSELS!”

No words on how the last 7 years were not enough to effectively lower the tax burden. And that our 27% VAT is actually against EU law – because it is too high.


“Terrorist attacks have been following one another in Europe recently. Yet, Brussels wants to force Hungary to let in the illegal immigrants. What do you think Hungary should do? STOP BRUSSELS!”

Too bad those “illegal” immigrants would never want to come to our homeland. Not even the legal ones that the EU is stupidly trying to distribute like cattle.


“Brussels wants higher utility bills.” “Hungary is not backing down.” “Brussels is attacking.” Headlines in the local papers on any given day

As every good lie, this one also has a seed in reality. Orbán introduced utility price controls before the 2014 elections. Since then, energy prices came down, but the price control keeps bills high in Hungary. Evil Brussels is peddling this idea that consumers would be better off if there was price competition – and competition in general. Brussels is thus attacking Orbán, not me.


Headlines: “NGOs are on a tight leash in the US as well.” “NGOs in the European Union” And of course the eternal “STOP BRUSSELS!”


“The more children, the less taxes must be paid” “Wages rising, taxes falling” “Economic rights of member states must not be curtailed by Brussels” “Small players of the local entrepreneurial scene are lining up for the simplified taxation”

If this isn’t communist-stlye economic success propaganda, I don’t know what is. Maybe there is something in there about increased steel production, overshooting the 5-year plan and happy workers…


“700 thousand got jobs since 2010” (2010 is the beginning of the Orbán-era) “The government gives work instead of unemployment aid” “The action to protect workplaces brings considerable savings” “Enterprises get new chances”

My little heart leaps.


“The third strike on the black economy coming next year” “Companies and individuals paid thousands of billions in extra taxes”

What’s not to celebrate?


“Wages have risen in every industry”

I leave you to guess the message on the right page.

This is print media from outside of Budapest, where this has a disproportionately large impact on shaping fears public opinion. But Orbán-friendly oligarchs have also taken over tabloid papers, the ubiquitous free metro daily, one of the two countrywide TV channels and most radios. They shut down the biggest political daily and bought the second biggest online news portal, turning it into a government mouthpiece overnight.

3 times a week, the 16-page local papers run a 4-page appendix on the next “national consultation”. The papers reach 1 million readers per day. The marketing agencies get their memos and “angles” from the ministry of propaganda and all are owned by close friends of the right people. The last such campaign cost 23 million euros, not to mention the “national consultation” farce that is paid straight out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Don’t, for a second, believe that you would be able to rise above this. This has been going on since the summer of 2015, when PM Orbán found his next public enemy in the form of migrants. He also wants us to fear/hate Soros and “Brussels” (but not the EU, people stubbornly refuse to hate the EU).

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