What Are Hungarians Most Afraid Of?

A Median poll in September found that Hungarians are most afraid of the things their government told them to – in a series of “public service” billboard announcements, direct marketing campaigns called “national consulting”, and through the parts of the media owned by three Fidesz cronies. The poll was representative, and commissioned by non-Fidesz news site

How severe are the following threats to Hungary?

The poll went through the things recent fearmongering campaigns have targeted (migrants, Soros, NGOs, EU), plus added Russia and the United States.


Threats from top to bottom: “migrants”, George Soros, “foreign-financed civil society”, European Union, Russia, United States – Threat level 1 means no threat, 5 means very great threat

The questions were tongue-in-cheek because they treated the “European Union” and “Brussels” separately. Turns out, people are 150% more afraid of “Brussels” than from the “EU”. The reason is that government-run campaigns avoided direct confrontational tone against Europe – because people are stubbornly pro-EU. So spin doctors decided to direct hate at “Brussels” instead – just look at the never-ending “Stop Brussels!” campaigns everywhere you look: billboards, media, and in the eyes of concerned Fidesz strongmen parroting the party line.


Respondents are more afraid of “Brussels” than the “EU” – thanks to government propaganda urging them to hate “Brussels” but not the EU. They stubbornly like the EU

Fidesz voters are the most receptive to the government’s cues on what to fear/hate. They are most afraid of everything – except from Russia. They are blissfully unafraid of Russian influence in particular.


Fidesz voters (orange bar) are the most afraid of everything the government tells them to – except Russia Source:

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