The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

State TV Bans Interview With Fidesz-Critical Cat

Hungary’s most famous cat, Erzsi, has 65000 followers, loves tuna and writes books. She also shares her views on social media for which she was uninvited from the state TV. Erzsi was too critical of Fidesz.


Erzsi. Photo: Erzsi for President


Her Facebook group is called Erzsi for President and she wants to be president of Hungary if her subjects would elect her. And if she feels like it. And if it tastes like tuna. Or maybe not. Until she decides she is writing books – with the assistance of her human, Gergely Homonnay.

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Her followers write sonnets to her – although not always voluntarily. They are compelled to write one as penance for forgetting to comment in the prescribed format (i.e sending their kisses in every comment they leave in her praise). Erzsi is a strong-pawed ruler.

As president she would ban bad weather, make tuna VAT-exempt and put a leash on Viktor Orbán and central bank fat cat György Matolcsy.

With her books and popularity, Erzsi is a regular in the media. She has hit Cosmopolitan but was once even asked for her feline opinions by the Wall Street Journal.


Erzsi getting ready for a media appearance – with the latest fur-trends. Erzsi is very fashion-forward Photo: Erzsi for President

To this date she has written three books. One about the secret of a happy life (grooming and tuna), one about the world through a cat’s eye, and her latest is called “Mrs President – The Furry Choice“. And since this last had spent eleven months topping the bestseller charts, she was invited to give her furry views on breakfast TV in a crony-owned, Fidesz-praising channel. By accident.

And then she was uninvited. The poor intern who though it was a good idea must have been fired. For Erzsi isn’t just sharing her advice on fur trends but expresses her catty opinions about politics and corruption – which she growls upon.


Erzsi stood with CEU, the university Orbán wanted to shut down to attack Sors and get Trump’s attention Photo: Erzsi for President


Erzsi also had the audacity to put her pretty face in place of Soros’ on the anti-Soros campaign billboards Photo: Erzsi for President

Bad kitty:)))

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