Government Refuses to Answer MP’s Information Request Because Her Party Is Weak

Márta Demeter, MP of a tiny opposition party has uncovered more details about the government’s infamous settlement bond program and Orbán’s ties to dodgy, CIA-wanted businessmen than all other parties combined.  

A few weeks ago she submitted another set of question as a freedom of information request to every ministries. The questions were regarding:

  • the fact that dealers of the infamous settlement bonds are not only making a loss for the budget but don’t even pay taxes after their profits
  • the fact that they opened the gates of Hungary and the European Union wide open to 20 thousand people (plus families) – non-vetted and without security clearances.
  • even convicted criminals were allowed
  • foreign secret services could also get people in
  • in the country of “national consultations” people’s opinion was not asked about it.
  • The settlement bond program caused at least 13 billion forints of loss to the budget and counting.
  • The friends and business partners of Minister Rogán of the Prime Minster’s Cabinet have become rich on this dodgy program.

And the answer to the seven questions?

“To summarize my answers, we are not reacting to the desperate political stunts of a party in such a hopeless situation as LMP.” 

So no answers for you, silly bunny. Your party is weak so your rights get ignored.


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