State Secretary Abuses Position to Lower Fuel Prices in his Hometown. Brags About It on Facebook.

András Tállai, who runs the tax authority as state secretary in the Orbán’s government, boasted on Facebook about talking MOL, the country’s state energy champion, into cutting fuel prices in his home town, Mezőkövesd.

tallai fb

“I’ve attended to fuel prices experienced in Mezőkövesd and its vicinity based on a citizen’s request. We negotiated with the officials in charge at MOL, and, as a result, gasoline prices have fallen by 11 forints and diesel by 5 forints compared with October 31.” The Facebook of the head of the tax office – a state secretary to Orbán.

The residents of Mezőkövesd, where the miracle happened were delighted – especially since prices have risen that week countrywide.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the move has caused a reflux of old communist reflexes such as this Mezőkövesd resident below who was caught on camera by a reporter.


The lady is thankful to the big man for the price intervention – and calls him “Comrade Tállai”. Not ironically… 


But the lady was not the only one with a communist relapse. Prime minister Orbán said…

“Well done. Others should get it done as well.”

…when he was asked by reporters.

Because that’s how we roll now. Central planning, price controls, nationalizations – de jure and de facto, by cronies – and a Kremlin-style one-party state are the old-new methods of the Orbán-government. And yet, some out there still call him “conservative”.

And what’s even worse is the reaction of the former governing party (today sinking into comfortable irrelevance and irresponsible infighting): they demanded the price cuts to be extended to the whole country, not even blinking at the sight of economic micromanagement and abuse of status.

Venezuela, here we come!

And when an opposition MP decided to sue the Comrade for abuse of position he was genuinely surprised. He just meant to do good.

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Featured photo: Comrade Tállai on the left.


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