Stand-Up Comedians Accidentally Upstaged by Government Spokesman

The annual convention of stand-up comedians have been suspended after government spokesman upstaged them in absurd humor – sources have confirmed.


A group of humorists have been holding their annual absurd humor contest when news arrived that the government spokesman accidentally outperformed them at the weekly scheduled press conference. According to witnesses, the spokesman made more original jokes at the press conference than an average comedian can steal in a year.

In another category, comedians were gearing up for their annual contest in ‘The most irrelevant use of the name of Geroge Soros’ – a category that requires the use of Soros’ name in grammatically correct, if slightly contorted, sentences. The previous record was 13 mentions in a single sentence but the comedian was disqualified after he was unable to repeat the unbelievable feat before an audience.

But the government spokesman absentmindedly outperformed each and every one of them when answering the (totally real) journalist question:

“Mr Spokesman, how afraid should we be of liberal pedophile migrant terrorists this week?”

According to witnesses, the spokesman answered the question with repeating Soros’ name 142 times in a single breath – which was so bad that seven journalists and a microphone stand had to be hospitalized from the first row.

Meanwhile, the journalists’ question has been nominated to win his very own category.

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