The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

Old Lady Reads Satire, Calls Radio in Panic. Journalist Believes Old Lady. Both Panic From Soros.

Old lady calls a live radio program in panic. She just read this article about Soros and his recently published book, “Mein Plan“. No, it’s totally legit, she’s been sent it “through the internets”!

Hungary under Fidesz propaganda in the year of 2017.


Image credit: HírCsá, the Hungarian Onion

Satirists have a hard time these days. It is impossible to get more absurd than politicians. Hírcsárda, Hungary’s answer to The Onion keeps trying nonetheless. Last week they published a genius piece detailing the recently published book of George Soros, called “Mein Plan”. It supposedly lays out, in gory details the alleged world conspiracy of George Soros (87), the so called (and non-existent) “Soros plan”- as they call it in government.

The Hungarian government managed to link the hatred for Soros (rich, Jewish) with the hatred for migrants (bloodthirsty, poor, Muslim) in the minds of mortally scared voters in the run-up to the elections in early 2018. Many believe what the propaganda says.

But then again, many would believe anything. Proof? The old lady who was sent the article “through the internets” and called the radio in breathless panic.

The presenter was just discussing how African countries have a water shortage and that may contribute to the swarm of migrants (“I know, I know… but…”) when the old lady couldn’t contain herself anymore and interrupted the presenter.  

“I’m not sure whether you’ve heard but … timed right for the Holidays they have published… the book of George Soros, called Mein Plan, which means in raw translation, my plan, from which everyone can finally learn what the Soros plan is about. So far we only knew about the mandatory settlement of migrants, but if someone reads into this book, it will become obvious that migrants are the least brutal things Soros wants to force upon us…”

“The most important things have been sent to me through the internets, it is on my computer now, the first and most important is the abolition of genders.

“If everyone will be operated into man, inequalities will disappear.”

“If the abolition of genders would not work, then homosexuality must be made obligatory.”

“Borders must be abolished because if there are no borders, there can’t be illegal trespassing of borders either.”

“It writes that… he wants to move Hungarians into migrant countries. But if that doesn’t work and not everyone can be moved… then Europeans must move under bridges, without any possessions, but only after they all converted to Islam.

“The free press, Origo, and Pesti Srácok must be silenced immediately, and people will only be allowed to use their mobiles on speaker… especially on the streets.”

– quotes the old lady from the satirical article, uninterrupted.

People are gullible and tend to believe stupid things. But journalists?

And it literally says 888?” – asks the presenter, slightly suspicious. She probably just listened in to the old lady’s rambling and realized she should monitor the crazies a bit closer. But the old lady confirms it’s true:

“I’ve sent it to three of my friends and they all confirmed it’s true!”

“Well, this is shocking,” says the reporter. And with that the old lady can continue her intellectual rampage.


“Listen! Listen! Hungary will be automatically bought up by foreign investors, but the money… will not be paid to Hungary but to themselves. Soros has already made 200 thousand billion dollars on this business according to his own admission.

“And finally the three ultimate strikes: making drugs mandatory, encouraging pedophilia, and the resurrection and election to government of SZDSZ <former liberal party, dissolved before 2010, still boogeymen among Fidesz voters> but only if Ferenc Gyurcsány <former prime minister, populist joker, also boogeyman> will be willing to accept the office of the prime minister.”


Thank you, Dalma, for calling us and sharing. But let’s add that … I haven’t seen this translation of Soros’ book.”

Oh no! But that should be mandatory in a radio show that is dedicated to sustaining the flames of government-induced paranoia. She either didn’t really read the books of the public enemy number one of Hungary or just skimmed them – either way, she cannot convincingly argue to the old lady that speakerphones might not be made mandatory or 888 may not be in the target of an international conspiracy – given that only propaganda-crazed Hungarian pensioners read and believe it.

But she doesn’t disagree with the gist of the story and concludes the program by repeating the key takeaways of the government’s latest anti-Soros-migrant mail campaign: one million migrants, 15 thousand euros going to each migrant for the first two years.

Thank you for your attention!

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