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State Controlled TV Recommends Child Beating

A talk show recommended slapping your children. But don’t worry, only if it’s justified and only on body parts that are covered. The magazine is a new show of TV2, a crony-owned and thus Fidesz-controlled commercial TV channel that has long been in an intellectual free fall.


“Can a parent slap his or her own child?”  (TV2)


Certain people need to be reminded not to beat up children. Why don’t these people need to be reminded not to beat up someone bigger?

The lowlifes at TV2, Fidesz’ pet TV channel started a new entertainment magazine that allows viewers to vote via a mobile app. Last week’s question was:

Can a parent slap his or her own child?

In the studio, brainless celebs and a so called “psycho-educator” discussed the relative merits of beating a child hard or “smartly”, while lovely viewers shared their little opinions online. The results: 12% says unqualified ‘Yes’ to beating children, while 59% only beats up children when it’s “justifiable”. (According to them.) Talk show viewers are not the smartest cookies in any country and intelligent people hardly bother to vote on a TV show, but it is not about intelligence.

The truth is that authoritarian thinking is not just about politics. Sucking up to power while kicking into the weaker is a state of mind that affects your attitude to women, children, and even animals. And this is how bloodthirsty an authoritarian mind can get when he is up against someone smaller.

Somehow, authoritarian underdogs don’t need to be reminded not to beat up 200-pound bodybuilders for behavioral modification purposes. Or a policeman. Or a politician. That never crosses their cowardly minds – even though some politicians could clearly use some moral-restoring behavioral modification. Authoritarian underdogs only find it acceptable to beat up weaker and exposed people, like women, children and non-authorities.

At some point during the shameful show the host reminded the assorted celebs that child beating has actually been illegal in this country since 2005. Assorted celebs could hardly handle the fact. What sort of dictatorship are we living in? One can’t even beat up his own child?*

For context, Hungarians turned out to be among the most stubbornly “traditionalists” in the European Union. Men and women cling to rigid, Victorian gender roles as if their life depended on it – and the more miserable it makes them, the harder they try to push it on newcomers. Again, a strongly authoritarian feature. Meddling in other people’s life choices is the only outlet for frustration with their own lives – because they feel helpless about it.

In a similar news, an assistant teacher had been recently fired for having been beating up children for decades. The reaction? The villagers want the whistle blower fired and out of the village because “she brought a bad reputation” on them. Can someone beat them up as well, please, to bring them to their senses? Just smartly, you know, where it can’t be seen. I’ve heard it works on children…


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Beating up real people has been illegal for much longer, but these are just child people, hardly any better than female people. And you can still legally beat up female people, especially if they are yours. 

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