Balaton Deniers

Hungary’s answer to the flat Earth movement is the Balaton deniers who, as their name suggests, deny the existence of the country’s biggest lake.

What lake? The Hungarian Sea!


Balaton… Right…

I find it hard to believe that anyone believes that the Earth is flat. Okay, maybe some do, but they are definitely just being trolled by a prankster. But Balaton deniers must be a joke, right?

Their Facebook group has 6500 followers – but to be perfectly honest, I am one of them and I was at Balaton last summer…


All accurate – apart from the lake


She is not standing in Balaton. She is standing on the Puszta!

Kekszalag-Balatonfured-Uj-Kikoto-Magyar-Vitorlas-Szovetseg-Kemping-Balatonfured 600 boats

Over 600 contestant at the annual Blue Ribbon sailing tournament were all mistaken and kicking dust


And this festival is also fake. Migrants eat every liberal youth who come to listen to so called “electronic music”

I thought flat earthers were a joke, but then they organised a conference where they gathered from all around the planet. I just hope that when Balaton deniers meet up, it will be in Keszthely, maybe on a boat in this fake marina.


Balaton Sound fesztivál

Zamárdi, 2014 Photo: MTI/Mohai Balázs Water added by a sneaky pro-Balaton conspirator. 

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