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Daily Art: Remorseful Angela Helps Migrants Rape Europa (plus Freemasons)

A shocked journalist reported the existence of this painting from a remote spa in the beautiful village of Kehidakustány. (Don’t worry, even I can’t say that three times fast).


Photo: Székelyhidi Balázs / Magyar Nemzet

The unsuspecting visitors of the Kehidakustány wellness spa have the opportunity to enjoy the added intellectual pleasure of deciphering this riddle-ridden painting.

The artist, Tivadar Kossuth, appears to be a disciple of the painfully-primitive-nationalist-and-worse school of political paintings, also known as Anything for Public Money. (Their works have first emerged from the dark recesses of nationalist esoteria in 2011 when they were lavishly rewarded for illustrating the new basic law of Hungary.)


Photo: Székelyhidi Balázs, Magyar Nemzet

On this masterpiece the Artist left the following clues:

  • Remorseful Angela
  • Sitting with a Rubik cube
  • Hordes of jihadists pre-equipped with bombs emerging from the sea
  • Alongside deceptively refugee-looking swarms of not-quite-humans (Pardon, “crowds from different civilizational background” in national-consultation-speak.)
  • Zeus abducting Europa in the shape of a white bull (that is muddy here for some reason – maybe he comes from a different civilizational background this time)
  • A Freemason symbol floating mid-air (hitting a jihadist in the turban)
  • Terrorists nonetheless show the international hand signal of victory
  • Plus a communist red star and a green dragon for some reason

Uninitiated observers might think that the Zeus-Europa affair is supposed to be a good thing – not just because there was rape but because we want everything to have been as it was – but Angela is remorseful nonetheless. There must be something in the ideology-damaged minds of ethnic esoterics of which this uninitiated observer is unaware.

Fotó Székelyhidi Balázs Magyar Nemzet

Photo: Székelyhidi Balázs / Magyar Nemzet

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