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No Funding for Bus Shelters? Let’s Build a Lookout Tower! In the Bus Stop.

The good people of Nyugotszenterzsébet, a tiny village in Hungary, needed a bus stop shelter. They did not need a lookout tower. But guess what is funded by central authorities… That’s right, lookout towers. So they built one in the bus stop.



It even has railings and all – a perfect lookout tower. And yet, schoolchildren now don’t have to wait like cattle in the rain for the bus. Despite centrally planned public money spending directives.


But of course, you can also go up. Image:

And with that, someone found a way to make public spending work. Despite the central planning geniuses.

Another Hungarian village, Tyukod, focused on collecting public money, instead of getting a problem solved. Their approach yielded them 900 thousand euros, from which they have built 11, completely pointless lookout towers.

Thank you, public money collectors and spenders! As a taxpayer I cannot be more grateful that someone up there is taking my money and thinking hard for me. With some more ingenious thinking down here, we can even find a way around your best efforts and intentions.

Watch RTL’s report below:


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3 thoughts on “No Funding for Bus Shelters? Let’s Build a Lookout Tower! In the Bus Stop.

  1. Another typical (but less hilarious) example of infrastructure financing creativity is when a village needs to build a pedestrian walkway but can only apply for government / EU funding earmarked for bycicle infrastructure development.


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