The Second Most Sexist Society in Europe

There are few things Hungarian society is less divided about than the role of women in the world. It is reproductive and household service.


Source: Eurobarometer 2017

The darkness and hopelessness of a society can clearly be measured by its attitude to women. Not because women are so super-important. They are not more important than real people. But because sexism is just another form of authoritarian thinking, which is a much bigger, umbrella-problem. This blog has gone into great length to explain the mechanism and the vicious circle of authoritarian thinking. It may sound academic, but real life interactions, economic, social thinking and even personal interactions are laced with and suffering from it every day.

The desperate need for an underdog – and kicking it on every level – is a basic authoritarian thinking tick, while its “biological” excuses are eagerly voiced and endlessly repeated by every authoritarian politician, sexist opinion leader and bitter housewife. Because yes, it is society that is sexist, not just men (see data above). And sexism hurt both sexes – it is painful even to see that the warring parties are beating each other, rather than the system that hurts all of them.

Another form of authoritarianism in everyday life is child beating, a practice that has been illegal in Hungary since 2005 (unlike spouse beating) – to the great shock of celebrities and opinion makers.

Wife beating (the most popular form of domestic violence) is not even illegal. “The police can do nothing until blood is flowing” is the mantra of law enforcement, and even when blood is flowing and the victim pushes through and gets a restraining order, the enforcement is tasked on the legal head of the municipalities for some reason.

Typical for authoritarian thinking is when even the victim thinks that violence is right or normal – and allows it to happen. Or when he doesn’t believe it to be normal, but feels that “there is nothing he can do”. In other words, learned helplessness. And the most high-functioning victims of authority-excused violence find a victim for themselves. Underdogs can be kept in place by finding an underdog of their own, and practicing the same abuse of power they themselves suffer from.

This is why men beat women, women beat children, everyone beats minorities and rejoice to have migrants now who are below even themselves.

And politicians beat absolutely everyone.

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Featured image: Tejal Patni ArtPorn Magazine @Tumblr

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