43% Think Bribes To Public Servants Acceptable

Only 35% of Hungarians found bribes to public servants unacceptable. Hungarians are either super corrupt or just very honest about it.


43% of respondents who find it acceptable to give bribes to secure public services Data: Eurobarometer. Chart: Vakmajom blog

The number one public service everyone has to pay bribes for is health care. The system suffers from severe under-financing, on top of the shortage of healthcare workers – while there is no opt-out of paying into the system.

86% of the population finds corruption a severe problem of Hungary – although they might not mean themselves. According to the estimate of the Corruption Research Center Budapest, approximately 0.7-1.1 billion euros could have been lost to overpricing and elimination of competition on public tenders between 2009-2016. And the public projects that were eventually financed were also often useless, like stadiums for no one or spas everywhere. The comical flourishing of over 160 lookout towers in Hungary are just a minor case of bureaucratic mismanagement compared to the big tenders that go straight to oligarchs, often without competition – and then stand to serve no one.

4% of respondents opined that in the last four years corruption had decreased in Hungary. I want whatever they are taking. Oligarchs have even stopped pretending.

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