Election 2018

Opposition Parties Fined Before Elections

After the 2 million euro fine for Jobbik as a revenge for its anti-corruption billboard campaign, the other opposition parties faced a dilemma. Should they defend Jobbik on principle, or should they stay ideologically pure like a beautiful, rainbow-colored butterfly? Then they were slapped with fines as well.

In the meantime, no one finds the time to investigate Fidesz. 

At first, it was just Jobbik. The biggest (albeit small) opposition party ran a ruthless anti-corruption billboard campaign against Fidesz. The comrades at Fidesz were visibly angry and a number of petty measures were introduced – including sending officials to scrub off the offending billboards. The farce ended with the state auditor slapping Jobbik with a 2 million euro fine – enough to annihilate the party financially, 3 months before elections.

Then the rest of the opposition faced a dilemma. Should the so called” democratic opposition” (opposition parties minus the extreme right Jobbik) defend Jobbik and protest together – or should they preserve their ideological purity and stay clear of association with Jobbik?

They did what they do best: they embarrassed themselves publicly by bickering and trashing each other in the media and before their own voters.

But the question answered itself painfully quickly. In just a few days, four of them were fined as well – this time without any excuse.

At first, Jobbik received a 15-day annihilation notice. Then, with a masterstroke, Fidesz generously allowed all fined opposition parties to ask for installment payment and pay only after the elections. Which means they now have to make a choice:

  1. don’t contest the fine and make an agreement to pay after the elections – in order to secure their running in the elections at all, or
  2. contest it – but they will be subject to collection immediately.

In the meantime, Viktor Orbán, president of Fidesz asks for donations to continue the election campaign of Viktor Orbán, prime minister of Hungary. I can’t believe someone questioned it whether Orbán’s anti-Soros government campaigns were also Orbán’s election campaign.

Also, the authorities simply don’t have the capacity to investigate how one Fidesz MP had four tons of potatoes to hand out to voters, how another one handed out boxes of eggs with his own face on it, and another local representative spent taxpayers’ money to send out 2018 calendars to all voters in his constituency, with his own face on each and every page.

On a completely nrelated note, the state auditor is currently run by a former Fidesz MP.

Election date just announced: 8th of April, 2018.

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