This is now normal...

Migrant-Free Pork Festival

Over 100 million euros spent on anti-migrant government campaigns is finally having a payoff. This local mayor, for instance, piggybacked on it and advertised his own pork greaves festival as a “migrant-free event”.

Yes, that’s right. This is now normal in Hungary. 

One would think that a migrant free pork festival makes as much sense as a vampire-free garlic night, but that’s because they look at it from the wrong angle. The mayor of the village of Gödre certainly didn’t commit that mistake.

He insists that advertising for a migrant-free pork greaves festival is totally not about xenophobia or even politics. It is just marketing, to get people coming.

mingránsmentes rendezvény

The heartwarming line about migrant-free environment has proudly stayed in the invitation, even after the outrage in the government-independent media, and the mayor of Gödre straightened us all out:

“Firstly, let’s make it clear: the term has only come up regarding our pork greaves event, not any other events. I don’t think I need to explain why we can call it – jokingly – migrant-free. And guess what, we have achieved our goal! Hopefully, we have managed to pique the interest of many, that was exactly the point of promoting the event. Please don’t see politics or provocation into this, because the event is not about that! It is, however, about building a community, keeping gastronomical traditions alive, as well as fostering personal relationships!”

The mayor of Gödre about their “migrant free” pork festival

So I guess hundreds of millions of euros spent on anti-migrant scaremongering government propaganda wasn’t all wasted: it can boost local tourism. Move over, lookout towers, there’s a new economic miracle in town!

Also, this image of a dead pig with George Soros’ name burnt on it is also just a great joke. The makers have also refused to apologize and said they would do it again.

o volt a soros

The pig reads: “He was next!!!” The word “next” is also “soros” in Hungarian. The image was posted on a Fidesz MP’s Facebook. He honestly still can’t see what was wrong with it. 

This is what two years of blood-spitting anti-migrant, anti-Soros propaganda does to a society and you don’t know how you would react if you had been exposed to it. And no other views.

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