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Vote for Most Obnoxious Use of Children in the 2018 Election Campaign (so far)

Some politicians reach back to their roots – the deepest, darkest recesses of their memories – when they want to win the plebs’ approval. For some, like Orbán, it worked miracles. He is widely considered to be the reincarnation of Comrade Kádár, the last communist prime minister who built an unsustainable welfare state to appease the peasants to tolerate communism for a few more decades. Orbán gets a lot of love from that generation for bringing back their youth.

Others are a bit clumsy. This week’s contenders used children as props on their pre-election ribbon-cutting rampage. And what photos!


Ribbon cutting on Alkotmány street in Csepreg, January 2018 Photo: Trió TV Dunántúl Facebook

1. Listening to Uncle Minister talking about energy efficiency

The lucky future taxpayers currently doing time at Sunshine kindergarten in Budapest had the extraordinary luck to hear national defense minister Simicskó himself. They sat in the first (and only) row because they are keen listeners when it comes to the new energy efficiency infrastructure investment of their establishment.

Simicskó István Facebook

Nothing like roof insulation of double-glazing to make kindergartners listen in silent awe. Photo: the minister’s Facebook, what else? 

2. Kneeling on cold asphalt

When politicians are in heat, they can’t get their hands off of children. And during the campaign they often forget that their ribbons may be more of a symbol of failure than achievement. The fact that this street took 30 years for the authorities to fix should really not be publicized. But the local mayor and Fidesz candidate couldn’t resist a good ribbon-cutting, made palatable by the obnoxious use of children and bio props. Bonus: there isn’t even a kindergarten in that street.

These lucky, young taxpayers have the good fortune to assist making an inconsequential ribbon-cutting famous.


Ribbon cutting on Alkotmány street in Csepreg, January 2018 Photo: Trió TV Dunántúl Facebook

Not sure what is more disturbing: the fact that they made children kneel (and their parents let it happen) or the explanations.

According to the politician’s excuse, the children were enacting a traditional fertility ritual in which the young man goes to the barn of the maid and kneels on straw for some reason. The kindergarten, on the other hand, remembered the tradition differently: in it the children go from house to house in an effort to bring fertility on animals and fend off curses. Or something. Told you it’s disturbing.

3. The snow speech

Kindergarteners are known for their insatiable curiosity. This is probably why they demanded to be herded out on this empty field in the snow to listen to another Fidesz MP talking about… we don’t know what.


Photo: the politician’s Facebook, of course

Other politicians handed out gifts instead of Santa. As a rule they cannot stop celebrating themselves whenever they deign to give a little money to fix a bathroom door or a leaky toilet.

And kindergartners cannot learn too early who really gives the present. Definitely not Santa. It is Uncle Politician.

Enjoy politicians in campaign heat talking to kindergartners. (The source is the politicians’ Facebook. Every. Single. Time.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well done, comrades! Total 50s throwback!

A few notes though:

  1. Next time you can’t understand why young people leave the country, just look at your own Facebook gallery. Maybe they just don’t want you to make their children kneel on asphalt.
  2. Why is it that you cut ribbons on every single school toilet and morgue roof you manage to renovate? Where is the ribbon cutting on the more juicy “investments”? Isn’t the combined value of ribbons cut supposed to add up to the amount you supposedly spend on “infrastructure development”? Where are the big ones? May I come and kneel?
  3. And what about the parents? They maybe aghast when they see these photos, but guess what they can do about it?

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