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#InsectGate – Soros Wants You to Eat Bugs!

Campaign delirium makes politicians conquer ever new lows. This one, for instance, opened his pretty mouth in front of a camera and claimed that boogeyman Soros wants to make Hungarian people eat bugs!


In his effort to maintain terror and alertness, agriculture minister went below and beyond. He announced that philanthropist George Soros has a new, evil agenda: he wants to feed bugs to precious, Hungarian tummies.

The insect gate

The insect gate has predictably taken attention away from real issues for about a week as the sane part of the internet entertained itself with insect goulash recipes. And just when I thought it finally fizzled out the minister went even deeper.

He issued a belligerent statement threatening anyone who dares to feed bugs to Hungarians with the full force of the authorities.

“It is my conviction that we must defend Hungarian people from being fed bugs, insects and grasshoppers …. If anyone, anywhere tries it, the authorities will proceed with full force.”

And with that, a non-existent threat has met with the undefined fear of helpless citizens, who welcome their savior and clamor to give him even more power. Empower that poor politician, how else will he protect me from eating bugs?  

Think about the insect gate next time you open your mouth to react to your populist’s claim: it is never about the bugs. It is never what they want to talk about. It never pays to engage in their conversations because it is always about bugs: about fake threats that they gave into people’s mouth to discuss – instead of the real problems.

It is never about bugs.

Hungarian people are anxious for the loss of their livelihoods, poverty, the threat of getting into a hospital, the emigration of their whole families, the loneliness in old age – and they feel/are helpless against these things.

But they are told to fret migrants from Africa and the Middle East, and Soros who “wants to settle millions of them” (direct quote from government billboards). So now their anxieties are directed at “uncivilized” (and never-seen) brown people “swarming” their land and raping “their women”.

And in case it feels like too vague a threat, Fidesz always finds ways to break it down for them to a more granular level.

Never talk about bugs.

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Featured image: Die Antwoord

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