Funny Fraud

The Overnight Tender

This Saturday (March 10) has been a working day in Hungary. And what a working day! Hard-working SMEs managed to spot a new public tender, prepare the paperwork and apply for EUR 40 million in EU funds for energy modernization. Overnight….

tumblr_o8zql63woS1ut248go1_540 spotted the tender call appearing on Friday. By early Saturday, less than 20 hours later, it was oversubscribed and suspended. Anyone familiar with the inane amount paperwork for such an application can smell the rat.

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Preparing documentation for such tenders normally takes months.

But Hungarian SMEs don’t know the word ‘impossible’ – they did it overnight.

I picture the frenzied rush to wake up notaries, experts, certified translators and lawyers, convincing stamp-issuing authorities, bankers and local municipality bureaucrats to stay at work overnight – and they all happily obliged and helped the enthusiastic SMEs to get the paperwork ready. They must have left their families at home, babies crying, Friday dinner plans cancelled. Because that’s how the world works, right?

Even two of the banks who participated in the tender consortium have been unaware that the tender was reopened for a few hours.

Last year, when the previous tranche of the money was put out for a tender, it took entrepreneurs six months to get the paperwork ready.

The campaign is heating up, folks. Money cannot be thrown around fast enough.

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