Orbán Made His Voters Adore Russia

Fidesz voters passionately hate “communists”, but the following things do not qualify as communism:

  1. Economic central planning
  2. Privileged comrades 
  3. Economically starved dissenters, locked out of jobs
  4. Intimidated and ever-shrinking independent media
  5. Personal cult of a leader
  6. Accumulation of wealth and influence in the hands of a few comrades – personally picked by Orbán. 

And most curiously: 7. Russian imperial influence. 

When you dare to criticize Orbán you will be shut down with a combination of the following: You are a communist, a liberalbolshevik, Jewish, or Soros-paid stooge of Brussels. They call Brussels the new Moscow and believe it.

But when it comes to Orbán’s attempts to play with the big global powers, sucking up to Russia is great / necessary / smart / cunning / Orbán knows best. (Pick one.)

Orbán was once the guy who demanded in a faux-courageous speech that the Russians should go home.  Today, he is the guy who brought them back. Gives them our taxpayer money in exchange for dodgy metro cars and sends the country in debt to finance further Russian nuclear colonization on Hungarian soil.

The same Orbán who is so touchy about his independence and his sovereignty sucks up to Putin. The prime minister who gets upset when someone tells him off in Brussels takes anything from Russia or China. (Except money. They don’t give that – at least not into the public purse like Brussels does.)

But that doesn’t seem to bother Orbán’s believers who have just been polled on the request of a news site about their attitude on Russia. And they love it.

When asked about the six great powers, Russia was the least popular.


Russia is the least popular global power among Hungarians (On a scale of 100: 48 – up from 36 in 2003) Source: Medián/

But when the results were broken down by party preference, Fidesz voters boosted Russia’s scores. They graded Russia 59% desirable.


Fidesz voters rated Russia 59% desirable as power. The democratic opposition 40%, Jobbik voters 42%, the entire population 48% Source: Medián/

62% of Fidesz voters believe that it is good for Hungary if Russia is strong.


62% of Fidesz voters believe that it is good for Hungary if Russia is strong. Democratic opposition: 42%, total population: 51%. (Up from 39% in 2007) Source: Medián/

Fidesz voters also admire Putin the most among global leaders.


Fidesz voters (orange bar) pull ahead in loving Putin among Hungarians. Source: Medián/

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