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“Mistaken for a Migrant”

Barbi liked her new hair cut. Unfortunately for her, it was raining outside so she covered her new hair on the way home from the hairdresser. By the time she arrived, she was reported to the police by anonymous vigilantes.

“Mistaken for migrants” is a new genre in the Hungarian media – you just have to google it. And whenever a good vigilante sees something that reminds him of a migrant? He alerts the mighty authorities.


The following things have been “mistaken for a migrant” in Hungary since the anti-migrant scaremongering started in 2015:

  • A woman on a bus wearing a scarf over her head on her way home from chemotherapy.
  • Public workers and surveyors mistook EACH OTHER for migrants in the tiny village of Nagymágocs. When they spotted ‘the migrants’, the public workers quickly went into hiding in the bushes to save themselves – while the surveyors jumped on their bicycles and pedaled for safety. One of them “had a brown face” so the police wanted to arrest him at first (as migrant, of course) but the cleared himself and told the police about the supposed migrants he saw. After the incident, rumors spread among the villagers that 200 migrants were settled in their village. Everyone had to calm the fuck down and Benny Hill tipped his hat.
  • 24 public workers were celebrating a year of hard work on a trip in a Paks restaurant when police were sent on them.
  • Architecture students from Sri Lanka who volunteered in a care home in Perbál. They were not the first volunteers with dark skin who came to the small town – but they were the first since Orbán started scaremongering. No one had ever seen an actual migrant in Perbál before so it’s hard to tell when to be afraid.
  • The water polo team of Pécs who committed the suspicious act of travelling home during the night in two vans full of young men.
  • A bunch of tourists in Cegléd. They were walking on the streets, speaking a weird language. Some witnesses even uploaded videos on Facebook. The local paper asked women not walk the streets alone anymore because it is unsafe.
  • A woman on her way home from the hairdresser – with a towel.
  • Saudi policemen on a terror prevention training.
  • One of the villagers of Kömlő, when he went to the cemetery on All Saints’ Day – like everyone else. By the time people got home, they envisioned arson in their village and the police had to calm them down.
  • Six Indian farmhands who have been living in Sarud for a year and a half. Their house was pelted with eggs by the sophisticated locals who know how to handle “government information” in its place.
  • A completely Hungarian film crew in Szolnok.
  • 15-20 students on a horse riding trip from Pécs. The locals were readying themselves to fight them after spotting the students outside of the village.
  • An Viennese man from Nigeria was not allowed on a bus with his kids until his Hungarian wife arrived.
  • Erasmus students on a hiking trip to visit the sites of the 2015 migrant crisis.
  • A lynch mob attacked the house of a local hotel owner because he offered to host six refugee kids for a summer holiday. Orbán subsequently praised the lynch mob for voicing their opinion, loud and clear.
  • A Hungarian marketing professional with Cuban heritage was beaten up by local law enforcement officers in civilian because his skin color let them believe he might be a migrant. His girlfriend also got her share of the beating. Unlike the above, these vigilantes might see some consequences.
  • An Israeli medical engineer was taken for a migrant and murdered in Tiszakécske. He was a regular globetrotter and he came to Hungary to find his roots. History has a morbid sense of irony.

Migrant-awareness and vigilantism is at all time high in Hungary – especially because there aren’t any migrants running around. Tens of millions of taxpayers’ money was well spent on billboards, adverts and direct marketing mails to let people know that migrants are the thing to be scared of. Not Orbán.

In the meantime, the Hungarian government accepted the 1300 quota refugees – without telling anyone. They really couldn’t care less about whether those people are in the country or not.

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3 thoughts on ““Mistaken for a Migrant”

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  2. The Tiszakécske case was a disgusting and cowardly murder and robbery for the victims phone, laptop and “to know what murder feels”. It had nothing to do with migrants. Your source gave a click-bait headline.


  3. And the woman yesterday who was on her way from the hairdresser in the rain? She was wearing a scarf to protect her hair. By the times she arrived home she was reported to police as suspected migrant…


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