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Orbán Talks About Blacklist of 2000 Opponents, Threatens Consequences After Elections

UPDATE – It was rightly pointed out to me that he used the word “enemy”, not “opponent” as I wrote in the title. 

In his weekly radio rant on Good Friday PM Orbán was talking about the new “Stop Soros” law claiming that they have a list of roughly 2000 people that are paid mercenaries of George Soros, working to topple the government and foster immigration. They are under observation and there are reports/files on them.

“We know exactly, by name, who these people are and how they work to make Hungary into an immigrant country”

— PM Viktor Orbán, 30 March 2018

The same happened after the last elections 2014. A layer of inhibitions was shed and Orbán started to 1) turn a party clientelist system (2010-14) into a private enrichment scheme for friends and family (2014-now), and that was also when he 2) started his quest against civil society. In a report by the New York Times, Orbán is quoted as wishing to eliminate civil society – back in 2014.

In a meeting that April with Zoltan Illes, then the minister for environmental protection, he lambasted nongovernmental groups as foreign-funded enemies of the state. 

“I would like,” Mr. Illes recalled Mr. Orban telling him, “to destroy all NGOs in this country.””

– 27 March, NYT

By 2018, his work is near complete. The ‘Stop Soros’ law is an upgraded version of the Russian foreign agent law. It doesn’t only list and vilifie organisations with foreign revenues, they will even need permission to operate.

Orbán also said about the opposition and civil society who supposedly work to bring in millions of Africans and people from the Middle East into Hungary as paid ‘mercenaries’ of ‘Uncle George’ (George Soros):

“We will seek moral, legal and political revenge after the elections.”

–PM Viktor Orbán, 15 March, 2018

In a completely unrelated piece of news, Fidesz-voters have asked the government spokesman at a campaign forum in Budapest yesterday why there is no death penalty for the opposition. But definitely for civil society

After all, the politician just spent his talk telling them how civil society, “Soros mercenaries”, and the opposition are committing treason, by trying to turn Hungary into an immigrant country, enabling rape and violence, while starving healthcare, elderly care and education of financial resources in order to keep migrants pampered.

They know, they know, the nasty EU doesn’t allow death penalty, but at least they could be stripped of citizenship, right? (The man who asked received an applause.)

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Featured image: Berlin Stasi Museum

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