Is Orbán Soros’ Most Successful Agent?

Think about it! If Soros really has agents as Orbán claims, Orbán must be one of them. And if Soros really has a plan to facilitate mass-immigration into the EU, Orbán is executing it.


Sleeper agents and moles are not just in the books of John le Carré or shows like The Americans. They have a long and fascinating history, from the Cambridge Five and Jack Barsky to Anna Chapman, working on behalf of The Soviet Union and later Russia. Roughly divided there are two types of agents – the one who is recruited to spy against his own country, and the one who is sent abroad, posing as an American or Canadian, usually by adopting the identity of a real person who died as a child. Jack Barsky, for instance, was born as Albrecht Dittrich in East-Germany and was recruited by the KGB. He became a sleeper agent, adopting the identity of the real Jack Barsky, who died 10 years old.

The most famous case of moles was the Cambridge Five, a spy ring. Among them was Kim Philby, a member of the British Establishment, who later became a high ranking member of British Intelligence. He was recruited by the Soviets while still in Cambridge and flirting with communism as a student. He later outwardly broke with communism and became a respected member of the British Intelligence community, but he was still working for the Soviets, maintaining his cover into the 1960s, when he finally defected. Philby’s spy work was a major reasons why Western infiltration attempts behind the iron curtain were not successful during the late 1940s. Philby also helped his fellow members of the spy ring to escape to Moscow in 1951.


According to the journalist, Ben Macintyre, the reason these spies were not detected earlier (despite their past as documented communist sympathizers) was that they were above suspicion, due to their background. No one could imagine that a British gentleman of Philby’s class could or would betray Queen and Country.

We have reason to believe that the Soviets’ methods of active measures (including use of spies and agents) were not only adopted by a new generation of Russian leaders, but also by private organizations including George Soros’ private empire. Although Russia is a great military power, it’s biggest recent successes were achieved not by conventional military force, but by active measures: cyber war, fake news, disinformation, and limited use of violence.

Soros’ organization is wholly dependent on intelligence and infiltration due to two main reasons: being a non-government organization, it lacks military power and diplomatic immunity. Turning to violence is not an option due to the risks, so the Soros organization works in the shadows, through agents who infiltrate governments and NGOs.

Is Orbán the Hungarian Kim Philby? 

There is, as far as we know, no hard evidence of Orbán’s activities as an agent of Soros. But we have plenty of circumstantial evidence if we analyze his actions during the last thirty years, and compare it to Philby’s achievements.

Orbán was recruited probably in the eighties as a student or recent law graduate. His organization, which later became the Fidesz party, received funds from the Soros organization – as reported in the media at the time. In the early 1990s Orbán and his group (among them fellow agents) were openly liberal, but then they all turned conservative in just a couple of years, denying their liberal backgrounds. Those who continued to identify as liberals have left Fidesz.

Orbán’s critics claim that this was a cynical political ploy, in order to take the place of the imploding conservative party, which was almost annihilated by 1994 after fours years in office. Orbán’s defenders say that it was just a natural development, the young men who started the liberal youth party have matured into conservative family men.

A third, more convincing theory is that this was a move straight out of the Philby playbook. Just as Philby and his fellow agents knew that Britain would not turn communist any time soon, Orbán knew that Hungary is not a liberal country.  Both Philby and Orbán knew that in order to infiltrate and influence, they had to sell themselves as conservative members of the establishment.

Orbán has always been pro-migration and pro-European. During his first stint in office (1998-2002) he worked hard for the Hungarian EU membership. In 2001 he signed an agreement with the Romanian government granting working permits in Hungary to all Romanian citizens. Presented by Orbán as assistance to Hungarians in Transylvania, the deal was quickly attacked by the opposition, claiming that Hungarian workers were threatened by 23 million unemployed Romanians. This may have contributed to Orbán’s unexpected electoral defeat in 2002. One of the lessons he may have learned in 2002 is that supporting immigration can lead to political defeat, something Angela Merkel learned 15 years later.

Philby’s cover as a trustworthy member of British society and leading member of British intelligence helped him to serve Soviet interests and help his fellow agents.

Orbán’s cover as Eastern European immigrant- and Brussels-bashing populist has so far successfully mislead his voters (and nationalists worldwide). While playing lip service to closed borders he has, in fact, let thousands of immigrants into Germany via Hungary in 2015.

Remember that the Soros-plan doesn’t specify were the immigrants should settle, as long as they enter the EU…

Between 2013 and 2017, Hungary handed out nearly 20,000 permanent residence permits for residency bond investors and their family members. While most of the customers were Chinese nationals, permits were also issued to  hundreds of Russians and dozens of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. According to Eurostat, Hungary is the most generous country in the Visegrád group when it comes to granting asylum (in per capita terms). Orbán is thus actively and quietly executing the Soros-plan.

Orbán’s war on Soros is a clever distraction and a construction of smoke and mirrors. No Soros-affiliated NGO has actually been closed, and none of Soros’ agents have been persecuted. Unlike Russia or Turkey, no journalist has been jailed.

The famous list of Soros-agents in the weekly Figyelő was also a distraction, right out of the KGB playbook. Figyelő is owned by Mária Schmidt, an Orbán loyalist and almost certainly a Soros-agent. She also received support from Soros in the 1980s. The list doesn’t contain her or that of the government spokesman Zoltán Kovács, who received a doctoral degree from CEU, Soros’ university. It does, however, contain names of people long dead, as well as already known Soros-agents.

The list cannot be taken seriously, but that wasn’t the intention either. Its sole purpose was distraction, as was the “attack” against the CEU, which is open for business as usual. If The CEU does move, it may be very well as way of the Soros organization to establish itself in another country and gain influence, while proving Orbán’s credentials as a hardline nationalist.

Orbán’s war on Brussels (heavily influenced by Soros) is also just a cover – the Fidesz party is among the most loyal member of the European Peoples’s Party. As long as Orbán is loyal to the Soros-plan and keeps the door open for migration, the EU and the Soros organization will bankroll him and his regime. That is probably the most important reason why Brussels has only attacked Orbán verbally, without any political or financial sanctions.

While Soros’ private empire is less powerful than the Soviet Union or Russia, it has managed something which none other had done (as far as we know): making one of it’s agents a leader of sovereign nation. George Soros’ plan will be executed as long has Soros maintains his influence in Brussels, and his most capable agents (such as Orbán) control  a Schengen border.

The European liberal elite has finally found in Orbán a politician who enables and supports mass immigration, while enjoying popular support and almost unlimited power in his country.

Yes, this is satire. However, the statistics on immigration and the details of Orbán’s policies are factually correct. 

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