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“Mom, a liberal stole my candy!”

Prevalent insults among Hungarian schoolkids today: migrant, gypsy, Jew, fag, Soros, Muslim, liberal.


Children used as campaign props. Ribbon cutting on Alkotmány street in Csepreg, January 2018 Photo: Trió TV Dunántúl Facebook

Schoolkids live among us and consume government propaganda with even less criticism than their parents. And when children start barfing it back, parents think twice before correcting them. It is their livelihood versus some abstract principle. If they tell the kids not to use “migrant” as a swearword, it may get out and come around. They can get informally blacklisted, lose their council jobs, their workfare, their businesses get under bureaucratic sabotage, or they never win a tender. There’s no need for a central order to make local followers enforce the support for Orban. If children as much as use the word “refugee” instead of the government-mandated word “migrant”, that’s already a giveaway. Other kids will be quick to correct them – and accuse them of liberalism, George Soros or being a Jew, gypsy or gay.

It is not a new feeling. Kids were weaponized against their parents under communism as well. “Nicht vor dem Kind” was a phrase every child heard in Hungary. It means “not before the child”, but in German, and this is how adults told each other to shut up about a subject because the child might unwittingly rat on them in school. Parents today are equally quiet, watching without words as their offspring spreads the nastiest propaganda – just like parents did throughout history. They either agree or don’t dare to publicly disagree.

Carnival tale about the good cop and the bad migrant

In February 2017, this video went viral.

Click here for the full video. It has no subtitles but you can listen to the creepy, cheerful chanting of the vilest things

A parent recorded the carnival show in school. A boy dressed as a policeman stops and arrests a girl, dressed as a Muslim refugee woman with a baby on arms. The woman tries to bargain her way out of custody, telling the cop that she did nothing. The cop is aggressive and proud of himself.

You can listen to two innocent children cheerfully chanting the vilest things – words they have heard on television – as their parents are cheering them on.

“Where are you taking that migrant?” – asks the teacher. “To prison!” answers the boy, and parents laugh their heads off.

Refugee woman (with baby on arms): “I am the migrant, I had to escape, I’ve heard that people here are friendly and hospitable, I am ready to pay to be able to stay.”

The policeman: “I am a policeman, call me when you see a thief or a migrant, I come and catch them. I have worked all night, caught a migrant, took her weapons, I almost even slapped her face (Laughter.) strangled her, she nearly suffocated. I hope my boss will praise me for this and gives me a raise. (Laughter, applause.)

Refugee: “We are the migrants, stars of the TV and the papers.”

Policeman: “Watch your mouth, you shameless wench! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Shut your mouth at once!”

Refugee: “We are not going to Germany because there were promises but they weren’t kept.”

Policeman: “Does she not understand Hungarian? Should I repeat it in Arabic for her? Shut your mouth and keep walking!”

Refugee: “Please, dear officer, spare me, my whole family is hiding here by the border.

Policeman: “Don’t listen to her, quick, to prison! I am an honest policeman, I work for the state!”

It is all chanted in rhymes. The story takes an unexpected twist when the refugee bribes the policeman – and the parents cheer even louder.

Refugee: “What do you think about euros? Let’s discuss this now. Let us go and you can take a holiday on this money.”

Policeman: “Alright, go then! For this many euros, who would say no?” (Cheering, laughter and rhythmic applause.)

As I was looking up this video on YouTube (the original was since removed) and I found out that this is not even an isolated case. Children acting “migrant”-themed plays in school is an entire genre on the Hungarian YouTube.

Ashkenazi woman chased by boys with clubs occupied Poland July 1941

Ashkenazi woman chased by boys with clubs occupied Poland July 1941

“Mom, a liberal stole my candy!”

Now that the elections are taken care of, the government can turn towards the enemy within. Women and liberals. The first will be taken care of by the new “demographic” governance that will be designed to squeeze more taxpayer out of women, while vilifying them at the same time. (One of those goals will be achieved.) But bashing women will be out of kindness, it will be done in the name of goodwill. They are not the ultimate enemy. Liberals are. Liberals are people who don’t believe in serfdom, demand the rule of law, want their liberties, can’t be talked off of human rights. Or, if you consult government-media, they are evil traitors hell-bent on turning the world Muslim and populate Europe with gender-neutral rapists. The Hungarian Thanos is not the only one with genocidal hatred against liberals – children also know they are the enemy.

“Liberal” has become a swearword thanks to the ungodly activities of deceased US spin doctor Arthur Finkelstein. Nevermind that as a Jew and a homosexual, he was probably the greatest beneficiary of liberalism in the 20th century – he was the architect of multiple homophobic and antisemitic campaigns in Eastern Europe nonetheless. (For US readers: “liberal” does not mean socialist in Europe. We call socialists “socialist”.) Orbán was a great disciple of Finkelstein, the father of hate campaigns. And now he is bringing his hate campaign against liberalism to fruition. Being called a liberal is a showstopping accusation, the ultimate grenade in any argument. Even children accuse each other of it – and get scared when someone accuses them.

The new normal of the kindergarten went to a kindergarten and recorded some of the consequences of the government’s two-year hate campaign that was flowing from every TV channel, press, billboard, adults’ conversation and of course, from fellow children. They found:

  • A 9 yo boy, mortally afraid that he will become a victim of terrorists
  • A 4 yo boy pretend-reading from a book that we are at war with Brussels
  • A girl who liked amine and dressed up in pink got the accusation, “What are you? A Migrant?” She cried. Her family eventually moved abroad.
  • Children involve the name of George Soros in their games, he represents some kind of ultimate evil, even though they have no idea who he is. (We used to have the dragon for this purpose when I was a child…)
  • Children always laugh their little heads off whenever someone mentions Soros. It’s hilarious, apparently.
  • Not only children, but nurses and teachers also use “migrant’ as a swearword – but parents have limited tools to stop them.
  • A parent, who took her child out of a school for this told journalists that teachers are afraid to correct kids, even if they find it offensive, because some of the kids might blabber at home and get teachers into trouble. And vice versa.
  • Children coming home from a school trip were welcomed with loud shouting “The migrants are back!” as they left the bus, while teachers seconded them “Mind your suitcases, or a migrant might jump out of it!”
  • Children’s birthday party, kids are playing “migrants” and Soros with LEGOs. No parent dares to interfere…
  • One parent tried to explain that there are many people, good and bad, but his son only believes television that says that “migrants” must be stopped from coming here. The kid is also traumatized every time he sees a terror attack that it will happen to him. He also refuses to holiday on a beach since he had seen that there was a shooting at a beach somewhere.
  • A mother saw her son telling his best friend, who is from abroad, that he, too, should leave the country.
  • 10-year-olds used “migrants” and “Soros-plan” as their team names in summer camp and played their games accordingly. Someone shared the fact with the title “Daily cuteness (?) :)”


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Featured image: A girl had had enough of the Mayday parade, thank you very much – Ukraine, 1960s

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