Alt-Right Bans Billy Elliot Because That’s Their Version of Political Correctness

The first 15 shows of Billy Elliot have been canceled because a party mouthpiece called it gay propaganda.

Meanwhile, Orbán supporters wholeheartedly support political correctness – when someone explains to them that it means banning dissenting opinions. How could they not?


Photo: MTI / Kallos Bea

“How could it happen that such a significant state institution goes opposite the goals of the state, and uses a show targeted at boys of the most sensitive age … for such penetrative, unadulterated gay propaganda?” – wrote the mouthpiece of the Party.

The woman who gave her name to the semi-official warning in the Fidesz-paper even accused the show of adding a scene from Swan Lake just because Tchaikovsky was also gay, and claiming that miners would dress in female dresses,when it’s obviously impossible. To her horror, even the protagonist’s mother approves of gayness, like mothers would ever do such a thing. Provocation! And all this impacts children subconsciously, at an age “when their orientation can be manipulated”. No wonder Walt Disney also puts such subliminal gay propaganda in its shows, “they wouldn’t if it didn’t work“.

“It is incomprehensible and unacceptable that a leading state institution goes against the government’s goal and makes young people miserable, who wouldn’t have gone this way by themselves.” 

The article was published on the first of June. At first, the director of the Opera came out with a counter-attack. Later that day he started to apologize (he clearly got a phone call and assessed the precariousness of his position) and wrote things like: Billy Elliot is not even gay. But ultimately, he was just begging that please let him keep his position, he will never make such a mistake again.

By the 20th the show was canceled. They recalled the first 14 shows (will no doubt cancel the rest later), blaming the “reduced interest due to increased media attention” (a well-known effect of media attention, LOL).

7AlLROiVKqiTKtCps kindly looked up available tickets for the show but most were already sold. Actually, said media attention was exactly what made yours truly to buy tickets. 

The head of the Opera is not a revolutionary, make no mistake. He is a stooge put there years ago as a Fidesz power move. This is what you get for being state-funded. You eat from Orbán’s hand – you walk the line. The fact that the director believed he could sign up to Billy Elliot with gayness in it is a laughable miscalculation.

Ironically, Orbán was meeting Steve Bannon and hosted Milo Yiannopulos at the time of the whole Billy Elliot bruhaha, so the Fidesz media was torn between praising the proud coming out of Milo and bashing political correctness – while gay-shaming Billy Elliot and calling for censorship and sacking the director

…for putting on “such penetrative and unadulterated” gay propaganda:))))

The whole Hungarian society, including Orbán’s supporters, overwhelmingly supports the silencing of disagreeable opinions. 80% of say that political correctness is great – once someone explains to them that the two things, censorship and PC, are the same. 


Hungarians overwhelmingly support PC thought control, Fidesz and non-Fidesz alike, around 80% says political correctness is a great thing. Chart:  Medián /

Which is not surprising at all. The traditionalist alt-right and the identity-fixated grievance-warriors of the alt-left are all authoritarian thinkers, and as such, they are fond of controlling speech and words.

For example, the Orbán-regime forbade the use the word “refugee” in their media. They say “migrant” instead. The word “migrant” (migráns) is not very commonly used in Hungarian, so it was perfect to be colonized by the Fidesz spin doctors. They made it the political synonym for subhuman evil and thus circumvented people’s humanitarian instincts, and disabled empathy that the word “refugee” might have triggered.

Once again, Orbán’s freedom fight is a big fake. He put on a fake fight against immigration, a fake fight against the EU, the state debt, and also against political correctness. He merely hoped to get Trump’s attention by shouting the same sound bites that may make sense in the US – but not in Hungary.

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