This is now normal...

“There will be Muslims in our village, but don’t panic, they are not migrants”

Facebook announcement of a village. Hungary, 2018.


“Dear Inhabitants of Tápiógyörgye,

I hereby announce that the members of the Saudi Royal Guard will be staying in the Györgyei Castle Inn from the 10th of September until the 15th of November. The policemen arrived to participate in the canine training in Hungary. The dogs they purchase in Hungary will be trained near Cegléd. They are thus not “migrants”, they are staying in our homeland with valid and official visa, issued by the Republic of Hungary (sic!).

The Police Department of Nagykáta has been notified of their arrival.  

We request your understanding regarding their stay here. 

We are at your disposal to answer questions.”

The letter was posted on the village’s Facebook page at the request of the innkeepers. Shortly after posting, a comment was added by the local municipality:

“Dear Inhabitants! We kindly ask everyone to refrain from ways of expression that legally constitute hate speech against any religion, group or ethnicity, when expressing your opinions!”  

The warning is not surprising. After 2 years of relentless government campaign against “migrants”, people keep taking fright when they believe a “migrant” might have set foot in their town. The farcical stories were funny if they weren’t bloody serious.

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