This is now normal...

We now have con men pretending to be politicians asking for bribes

You know that something is a hot issue when an entire cottage industry of con men spring up around it. Free sex, affordable housing and tobacco store licences are, for instance, such desirable commodities, con men can use them to lure in victims. And now also politicians to bribe. 

A businessman wanted contracts so he went to look for a politician to bribe. Because that’s the way we roll these days, nothing to see here.

He was, however, unlucky. The men who promised him a bribeable deputy minister turned out to be con men. What’s worse, they held their meetings and accepted the bribes in the building housing the offices of MPs. In other words, they must have had clearance and access.

“I was sitting there among all those politicians whom I only knew from TV until then and I thought that now anything is possible for my company”

Isn’t this sad? The sweet promise of business success hits you when sitting in a cafeteria for MPs?

His hosts who received him in the highly guarded building pretended to be in-betweens who could fix him up with a deputy minister. So he payed over 70 thousand euros and the deputy minister showed up! Except that he wasn’t a real deputy minister, but today’s politicians are throwaway stand-ins whose names are not worth learning.

Our businessman felt elevated.

He was even taken to small towns and introduced to the mayors who promised juicy local contracts to his company. So he kept paying – up to a point. Then he realized he was duped and went to the police.

The police was terrified. As the anonymous businessman said Átlátszó, the investigative site that broke the story, “I saw that the investigator started to despair because my story started in the National Office Building and he did not know who might be involved in the story later. I am sure he was relieved when the case was shifted to the 5th district police because of the location of the crime.

It would be funny if it weren’t so alarming.

When galloping housing prices pushed many people into desperate efforts to stay out of the streets, landlord-fuck-tenant porn became a thing. I fully expect politician bribing porn to become the next big thing.

“Sir, I can’t afford a bribe but I really-really need a contract for my company…”

“Hm… What to do…” 

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Featured image: Fidesz leaders pictured as mafia gang back in the 90s on the front page of an economic weekly

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