Orbán’s 700 Billion Breeding Program

On Sunday, Orbán used his annual state of the country speech to drop the concrete details of his so-called “demographic governance”, handouts that would hopefully jump start our reproductive organs. It wasn’t sexy. He transitioned away from 100% warrior king – his only move – towards loving father and it didn’t suit him. He still used war rhetoric to explain his “protection of the families” and the Hungarian breed, for instance. It is against the invading hordes. 

How would you feel if you’d heard your ruler talk about you as livestock? The previous post started to detail King Orbán’s distasteful breeding plan for purebred, married Hungarian women. Here is part two.

5. Big families get up to 7000 euros to help buy a 7-seat car. 

This cringe-inducing specificity of regulations should bother everyone. Is there really nothing that we do in our lives that the state doesn’t have a strong opinion about? And doesn’t throw our own tax money behind his opinion?

A journalist had already listed the types of cars it will help buy. You can actually name the lobbyist. And of course, just like the loans and the mortgage reductions, this move only helps those who already have money.

And again, a government should never bother with such details. They should focus on trying to steal less.

6. Full nursery coverage by 2022. 

This would actually make a lot of sense. Wonder if Orbán even means it. After all, we have absolutely no tool to call him out on his promises (not even on the law) and he had already promised the very same thing in 2012 – during this same reign – and nothing happened.

The reason I wonder how this proposal could have left the lips of our dear leader is that this would lift the burden on women – and that is something an autocrat, a Hungarian, or an Orbán would never do on purpose. Hungarian men to this day balk at the thought of nurseries under the age of 3. Apparently any child not fed with its mother’s life, blood, and 24-hour service for at least three years will suffer some kind of deficiency. And every child also knows that because they heard it from the stupid grown-ups. Feeding women to babies is also something society can blame on the babies so hypocrisy and schadenfreude abound.

Women in the first world who are yapping for longer maternity leave didn’t think this through. Hungarian women can spend 3 freaking long years feeding themselves to the second coming of their men – on a pittance from the state – and then try to go back to work. It is an inheritance from the darkest days of communism, when a violent abortion ban was coupled by handouts like the three-year maternity leave and a bachelor tax to boost breeding.

More than one child makes the house arrest even longer. Up to 9 years of mind-numbing captivity can be achieved this way. Unless a woman has total trust in her man’s willingness to support her for the rest of her life (in which case, lol), she should think how it will affect her economic independence.

7. Grandparent’s (slightly) paid maternity leave

The details are unclear. The Hungarian term doesn’t specify gender but I will go out on a limb and assume it is only for grandmothers. So discrimination again.

Also not sure whether it applies only to retired grandparents or younger ones – or how the amount of their pay will be calculated. If it’s anything like mothers’ paid maternity leave, it is a pittance, calculated as an ever-diminishing fraction of their last salary.

It is clear that Orbán really wants to get more Hungarians out of us. Taxpayer, pension basis, maybe even soldiers. Just not if they are gypsies, poor, adopted, not from marriage or from same sex parents.

Apart from the breeding program he announced another several hundred billion spending on the usual suspects and scared us with some more migrants, Soros and Brussels. Apparently, families are under attack and just intense breeding can thwart the hordes of barbarians. Or as the Hungarian extreme nationalists (including Orbán) say: “The Carpathian basin belongs to those who birth it full.” Yes, they really say that.

Curiously, neither this, nor any other female-targeted spending is attacked by the proud men’s rights opinionators – mostly because they are also heavily pro-Orbán. But maybe also because their fear of taking on any childcare obligation is obviously greater than their hunger for free money. Or they have just (correctly) calculated that it’s cheaper to turn down such an offer than to raise three children. A 30-thousand euro wife-loan vs not raising 3 children?

But the most important thing is: Orbán wants you to talk about breeding – instead of anything else. That we have simply ran out any controls on his power in 2018. That he will never give up power through elections. That he spends the universe’s money on his hobbies, while starving education, healthcare and neglecting every state function he collects half our paychecks (and EU funds) for. That he bowed to Russia and pursues Putin’s interests in Europe – whether he wants it or not.

Instead of all this, he wants us to bite each other’s throats over his sexist, medieval breeding plan. And he will probably get it because in gender issues everyone always feels affected and personally threatened. Orbán also wants to disarm the small-state believers with calling his tax loopholes for wives who front for their husbands “tax cuts”. He also appeases the redistributionists with 700 billion+ of promised spending. All at the same time.

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