Funny Fraud

The 30 Thousand Euro Board Game That Wasn’t

There are things that don’t need the state to invent, facilitate or organize them. A pub quiz is such a thing. And so is the communication between generations.


An ordinary evening in Sheldon’s Pub in Debrecen. Students spontaneously gather and play board games. The roll-up in the middle, however, claims otherwise. Photo: Derencsényi István / Facebook / CSAK egy nő

February 23 was an average Saturday evening in the life of Debrecen students. Some of whom, like István, went to Sheldon’s Pub, a local place where patrons can play board games.

The next day, however, István found out that he had been part of the “Generations’ board game“, an event supposedly organized by Kőr Dáma Egyesület, a foundation that belongs to a minister’s wife. And instead of hanging out with friends, he was unwittingly participating in “an intergenerational conversation of 8-10 families led by a moderator, trying to find the answer to the question whether all information is available on the internet.”


The minister’s wife and two more “organizers” pose in front of an event they did not organize, and that wasn’t even an event, just a few students hanging out in a pub. Then they left. Photo: Derencsényi István / Facebook / CSAK egy nő

István wrote to the non-Fidesz media, who then called the minister’s wife to ask about the state of intergenerational exchange in Debrecen. She kindly talked about generations, the switching off of cellphones, the glorious cooperation between the university and companies, and that no one said no to having their picture taken.

The Ministry of Human Resources apparently paid 10 million forints (that’s 30 thousand euros) to facilitate inter-generational something something, and the wife of the minister just happened to have it in her to facilitate exactly that. Their little foundation also received ministry support for other projects, such as its 2 million euro headquarters in Budapest, 200 km from Debrecen.

You may have already guessed, but here it is: Intergenerational bullshit may be super important to the government, but not as important as to give that money to you, for instance. Tenders like this are earmarked for the Family. (The year of the Family, indeed.)

And the “organizer” is not just the wife of any minister, but the very one who accepted 3 million euros from a rich heiress to help her invest her inheritance into government bonds and has a notarized document to prove it. (He didn’t even deny it, like accepting money was OK. According to him the only problem was that the heiress turned out to be fake. The fake heiress was put in jail, the investigation never reached the minister.)

This is the same minister whose 80-something mom found it in herself to try her luck in business for the first time in her life. She bought a pig farm on the cheap and lo and behold, immediately won nearly 500 thousand euros in non-refundable EU-subsidies. It’s like winning the lottery – it just costs so much in initial investment. Then she went on to lease sport BMWs for her pig company (pigs love that sort of thing). Then she repeated her “business” success in design and agriculture. That’s all we know now but it is probably safe to say that it’s not bad at all for a retired nursery teacher. And that there is so much intergenerational exchange indeed!

So the wife of this minister picked up even the last pennies the treasury decided to throw their way – and didn’t even bother to organize a few families to sit down together for a photo op, she just hijacked a pub quiz for it. This is how you stay rich, children. And parents and grandparents.

But neither she nor her husband (nor his mother) will ever face an investigation as long as Hungary’s OfFidesz chief prosecutor is cemented in his position – and he will be reappointed by Orbán’s parliament for another 9 years in 2019. This prosecutor is the Chuck Norris of avoiding investigations. He dodges calls from the EP and OLAF for breakfast, and he can avoid investigating obvious fraud like a boss. He sit on his hand even when the country’s biggest Ponzi scheme unraveled and its leader gave a lengthy confession on the politicians involved. Who could ever pressurize this Bastion of Blindness to go after a mere 30 thousand euros, especially when there was so much real intergenerational …something involved?

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