Digest / The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

Lab rats lost in the parallel universe of Hungarian media – Day 2

On February 28, two wildly adventurous Hungarians submerged in the parallel universe of Fidesz vs. independent media in Hungary. (The rules of the experiment.)


Fidesz Media
Independent Media
EPP: Sufficient number of member parties initiated the expulsion of Fidesz from EPP (index.hu)
Public sector working hours increased by 30 mins every day, 5 less holiday days per year from 1 March (index.hu)
Council of Europe – Government keeps the content of the corruption dossier of Hungary secret (index.hu)
Rare interview with EU-commissioner Tibor Navracsics on civil radio reviewed by all independent news portals. According to headlines, he feels that the Orbán-government may have sent him to Brussels as a punishment and he may not be able to mediate between the two.
Incredibly rare interview with Orbán’s son, who is the head of a new Jesus sect and their movement is transitioning into something bigger. (hvg.hu)
Budapest’s Fidesz mayor gets Orbán’s support for local elections later this year but Orbén doesn’t let him touch the infamous parking fee mafia 444.hu has reported about last week. (444.hu, index.hu)
The unpopular Red Bull Air Race that always gets Budapest for free to do the stunts will be staged by Balaton this year (index, 444)
Kim Jong-Un’s offer proved to be insufficient (Hirado.hu)
EU elections to be held at 26 May (Hirado.hu) President set date of EP-elections (index.hu)
EP-election poll: Jobbik weakens, Gyurcsány coming up (index.hu)
“this is not racism but Fidesz’ fuel” 444.hu
Soros’ candidate for EU Chief Prosecutor has a good chance to get job, despite being accused of corruption, and according to Romanian Hungarian MEP – has been  cooperating with American and Romanian secret services. (Origo)
European Commission’s counter-camapign against Orbán’s anti-EU, anti-Juncker, anti-Soros bullboard forest. (index.hu)
Wife of the minister hijacks a regular pub quiz for a photo op and pockets 30 thousand euros of public money for it (444.hu)
This is how migrants have taken over Brussels (Origo)
Brussels wants to help migration with migrant visas  (Origo)
Fidesz may become Europe’s most successful party after the election (Magyar Nemzet)
Agreement on 10% wage increase at Magyar Posta (Magyar Nemzet) Wage agreement, rise at Magyar Posta (index.hu)
The pro-immigration opposition politicians avoid work, despite receiving more than one million forints in salary (888.hu)
Ripost’s homeless-targeting hate report last year was only calling to action against expulsion, says Media Council. So it was fine. (index.hu)
Márton Gyöngyösi, who wanted to make a list of Jews have been caught in another lie (888.hu)
Security guards at Pak nuvóclear power station on strike against outsourcing their jobs. 444.hu)
Migrant visas on Agenda in Brussels (888.hu)
UPS has decided not deliver packages in one of Sweden’s no-go zones (888.hu)
Despite denials by Brussels, migrants visas have approved in December, and is already under way (Lokál)
Zsolt Nyerges, an oligarch, donates his “sport wealth” to a town (index.hu)(probably a high-maintenance, empty stadium)
Brussels has confessed to it’s pro-migration plans (Lokál)
Gyurcsány wants to hand control over to Brussels ( Magyar Hírlap)
Matolcsy-plan, healthcare chapter analysed (portfolio.hu) He wants mandatory enrolment into private as well as public health insurance for every Hungarian. (444.hu) (Yesterday, Matolcsy announced his 330-point, 12-year plan for the economy.)
The president has appointed György Matolcsy as governor of the Central Bank for another 6 years (Magyar Hírlap)
After last month’s pension payment delay fiasco, family subsidies are late (napi.hu)
Pakistan has handed over the Indian pilot who was shot down (Magyar Hírlap) Pakistan has handed over the Indian pilot (index.hu, 444.hu)
Fake tax agent collected 100 million by promising to help bribe higher-ups (index.hu)
Foreign minister Szijjártó has held talks in Stuttgart (Magyar Hírlap)
Academy of science: They’ve been told to just accept the government’s demand to hand over its research network’s money (444.hu)
GDP growth in Hungary exceeds 5% (Echo TV)
Long reads on:
– the history of Metro Klub (index.hu),
– Lego-exhibition (index.hu),
– Momo is back (index.hu),
– Walt Disney’s link to the FBI (index.hu)
– young people would even pay for a fancier job title (444.hu)
hvg 1 march

HVG.hu front page: “The government throws away so much money that’s impossible to spend honestly” 


  • Still no word on the EPP-issue in Fidesz media.
  • Heavy migrant scaremongering in the Fidesz media – although not as heavy as during election campaign when the word ‘migrant’ featured 30-70 times on the front pages of every news portal, always accompanied with ‘murder’, ‘rape’, ‘Muslim’, etc.
  • Navracsics-interview is interesting. The independent media samples it heavily – why is it not on Fidesz media? He was Orbán deputy PM before he was demoted to Brussels (the real money in Fidesz is at home).
  • Orbán’s son gives and interview to a non-Fidesz paper!!!!!!! They are kind to him, but then again, what can they do? He keeps talking piously about their lovely, Jesus-y mission.

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