Digest / The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

Weekend in the Hungarian government media – Days #3 and #4 of our cruel human experiment

On February 28, two wildly adventurous Hungarians submerged in the parallel universe of Fidesz vs. independent media in Hungary. (The rules of the experiment.) The second day of their irresponsible venture can be read here. And now to the weekend of our unusually cruel human experiment.

Lab Rat 1 wakes up slightly nauseous from two days on Fidesz-only media diet. He is not quite sure whether he is safe or a migrant Juncker Soros might rape him. Lab Rat 2 spent the last two days on a non-Fidesz media diet. He is alright, but feels thoroughly helpless and depressed. So many things to be outraged about – but nothing will ever happen.


Fidesz media
Independent Media
Lajos Kósa: we don’t agree with Mr Juncker (Origo) EPP – even more parties demand kicking out Orbán (index.hu, 444.hu)
Manfred Weber’s strong words about Fidesz-EPP relations (index.hu)
Weber promised tough steps against Orbán (444.hu)
Soros ‘Polish foundation asks Brussels to declare war on Warsaw. The  Romanian branch of  Stefan Batory Foundation is under investigation (Origo)
Index front page: A couple who moved back from Sweden after 11 years (interview in line with government efforts to attract people back – attracted quite some attention)
It’s becoming more trendy to live as a family. The Government’s family policy has been predictable and consequent for 9 years according Gellért Sölch from EMMI. The policy for defense of the family is without precedent in Europe and the world. (Magyar Nemzet)
Momentum: EU-subsidies at risk, Orbán steals the money (index.hu)
Another record braking year for the OTP (Magyar Nemzet)
Brussels want’s to give what amounts to pocket change money for border defense, but want’s our future in return. Hungary has spent a more than billion euros on border defense, the EC has promised only 20M euros as a contribution. (Magyar Nemzet)
Kósa: Fidesz doesn’t criticize Juncker, we just don’t agree with him (Magyar Nemzet)
Will Klára Dobrev become the next unified opposition candidate for prime minister ? (Hirado.hu)
Even their own voters are disgusted with the opposition (Pesti Srácok)
Brussels wants to open the gates to  millions of economic migrants (Lokál)
Hungarian contract killer caught in Prague (index.hu)
Zoltán Kovács: The people have the right to know Brussels’ pro-migration plans (Magyar Hírlap)
The Hungarian government is willing to listen to criticism, but the people’s will trumps party discipline (Magyar Hírlap)
Fidesz: If it was up to Brussels’ migrants would have been prioritized instead of Hungarian families. There would be no tax break or financial support for families (Magyar Hírlap)
Radical Hungarian reform plan (napi.hu)
Long reads on: the failure of of economics of the last decade (444.hu), neither Hungary, nor the world needs more migrants, nor babies (444.hu)
Fidesz Media
Independent Media
Fidesz in secret negotiations in Brussels over EPP membership (index.hu, 444.hu)
Government refutes EC claims point by point.  (Origo)
Anti-Juncker-Soros posters coming down by 15 March, says govt spokesman (index.hu)
Orbán always wanted to take down posters on March 15, says sopkesman (444.hu)
Orbán replaces Juncker with Timmermans on posters (444.hu)
Orbán: we stand by the nations right to defend themselves  (Origo)
The tale of how 18 corrupt policemen were caught the other day (444.hu)
János  Koós is dead (Origo) He is (index.hu, 444.hu) His last interviews on index.hu
Millions of young Muslims may start on a journey to Europe from Algeria (Origo)
Hungarian government shows in 8 page reply  to the EC the plans which will increase  migration to Europe further  (Magyar Nemzet)
Orbán’s Die Welt interview sampled:
Juncker is the past, Weber is the future  (Magyar Nemzet)
Government will continue the information campaign about Brussels (Hirado.hu)
Orbán: the relationship between Hungary and Germany is broken due to migration
Orbán : attacks against Fidesz  coming from the left, with the aim to weaken the EPP (Magyar Hirlap)
Brussels want’s legalize and increase migration (Hirtv)
Brussels pro-migration  plans do have a lot do with George Soros  (Hirtv)
Orbán’s interview with Die Welt:
Orbán calls his critics in EPP useful idiots (index.hu,
Orbán claims he is not viindictive (444.hu)
Gundel the dynasty founder came to Budapest with 30 forints (Hirado.hu)
János  Koós is dead (Hirado.hu)
Johnny Depp sues ex-wife (Hirado.hu)
SpaceX ship reaches international space station (Hirado.hu) Ripley, SpaceX is on its way to the International Space Station (index.hu)
Dutch jihadi bride’s husband believes they should be living in the Netherlands (444.hu)
Opening of the House of Fates, a controversial Holocaust-remembrance museum delayed, Mária Schmitt may not be part of it index.hu, 444.hu
Migration in Italy has decreased (Hirado.hu) 200000 protest against hate in Milan (index.hu) against government (444.hu)
Heim Pál children’s hospital buys beds for accompanying mothers after mothers protested and media picked it up. The mothers were protesting only because a volunteer already bought such beds, but the hospital refused to use them and claimed they were a “tripping risk” (444.hu)
The Gyurcsány – Bajnai governments took away 1 months’ salary from civil servants (Magyar Hirlap)
Fidesz wants to fine hospitals for letting bribe-paying patients jump the queue on waiting lists (444.hu)
Fidesz demands the resignation of Ernő Nagy, a council member in Hódmezővásárhely, because his daughter bought illegally and paid less than it’s value for a council flat (Echo tv)
István Újhelyi tried unsuccessfully to enter a press conference in Fidesz HQ, claiming he wanted to give MEP Deutsch a chance to argue in favor the Fidesz poster campaign and give him sample of the Socialist party manifesto. TD says, it was needles for IÚ to come on a weekend, since Fidesz only takes applications for membership in regular office hours.  (Echo tv)
University of Szeged maintains it’s position in the top 2% league among the world’s best universities (Echo tv)
Estonian elections will be tight (444.hu)
VP of parliament calls migration a “neverending Trianon” (index.hu, 444.hu)
A Cyprus paper bought up and articles of corruption by the new owner removed (444.hu)
Negative record in attendance in Orbán’s favourite football team’s stadium (which is very sparsely attended at the best of times) 444.hu
In Sweden, Instead of going to prison, the Islamic State fighter got health care, all paid by the tax payer ( 888.hu)
Long reads on:
– Görgei (444.hu),
– drug addicts under the Kádár-regime (documentary review 444.hu),
– teenage drug users left to their own devices  (444.hu)


  • Fidesz media kept writing articles and headlines about Orbán’s talking points from the Die Welt interview. Independent media focused on the statements that would fly at home, but will shock abroad, such as calling George Soros “the evil face of globalism” and Orbán’s EPP opponents lefties and “useful idiots”. Orbán is visibly out of touch and there’s a reason he hasn’t given an interview in years. The international field doesn’t suit him.
  • Fidesz media finally hit back for the council flat sellout allegations of the other side – not by denial but by accusing the leadership of pretty much the only non-Fidesz town of doing the same.
  • Sweden is on fire – according to Fidesz media. They can’t let go…
  • Fidesz media tries to distract from the screwing with public servants (effective from Friday) by bringing up the austerity measures of the crisis-managing Bajnai-government after the financial crisis. Still no word about longer working days, less holidays, and whether the pay rise makes up for the loss incurred on the end of cafeteria.
  • Why are they pushing OTP shares?

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