Digest / The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

A week in the mind of a Fidesz media consumer – Day #5 of our brutal human experiment

Last week two wildly adventurous Hungarians submerged in the parallel universes of Fidesz vs. independent media. (The rules of the experiment.) The second day of their irresponsible venture can be read here and click here for their dramatic weekend.

Lab Rat 1 is showing symptoms of paranoia and contemplates joining and end-of-world cult somewhere. Lab Rat 2 is on a non-Fidesz media diet, but reeling from the mental blow nonetheless. Both rats are depressed and find it difficult to summon the willpower to lift the lid of their laptops and keep going. That may be the reason Lab Rat 1 commits the lethal mistake of watching Fidesz TV news today. Our unusually cruel human experiment enters its fifth day on Monday….


Fidesz Media
Independent Media
János Koós dies (Tények  midday)
EPP procedure against Fidesz
Sargentini says EPP should have moved much earlier (444.hu)
Since Sargentini was a target of a billboard hate campaign in Hungary long before Juncker was, and Soros was there even before her, her question is warranted
Politico: Merkel shuns Orbán – doesn’t meet him to celebrate German reunification’s 30th anniversary before EP-elections (index.hu)
Embarrassing silence as Orbán blames Soros for Serbian protests at V4 meeting (444.hu)
Protected site at Balaton bulldozed overnight. Locals dare not intervene because they suspect the comapny of Lőrinc Mészáros, aka. Orbán’s front behind the luxury development (index.hu, 444.hu)
Judges are wondering how long can they keep doing this and keep their backbones (444.hu, Index.hu, abcug.hu) referring to the attacks on the independence of the judiciary. After July 2019, Orbén’s parallel court system will completely circumvent them. For now they just never see cases against Fidesz or cronies because the prosecution refuses to investigate them. Long read.
Man attacks his father in law property with an axe, woman kills her newborn daughter (Tények  midday )
26000 nurses and and doctors missing from basic healthcare provision (444.hu)
1in 5 firefirghter missing (444.hu)
Oppositon protests at pension administrator’s office (index.hu, 444.hu)
Collective downsizing at one of the biggest supplier of Mercedes (index.hu, hvg.hu)
Hungarian contract killer arrested in Prague (Tények  midday )
Budapest’s surveillance cameras put on map (index.hu,átlátszó.hu)
Amateur butcher shop ran from children’s hospital’s fridge by nurse (444.hu – hospital anecdotesseries)
Accidents, burning houses (Tények  midday)
Government has bought jobs for 27 billion this year so far (hvg.hu)
Hurricane in Greece, tornado in US, plane crashes in Florida (Tények  midday)
Parliament prepares law to create wealth management foundations aimed at academy of science’s money (444.hu)
Johnny Depp sues ex-wife (Tények  midday)
Tornadoes in Alabama  and weather (Híradó MTV)
BBC writes about Venezuelan refugees arriving to Hungary (444.hu)
100 migrants stopped in Calais (Híradó MTV)
548 criminal charges filed during carnival in Cologne, several festivals with restriction due to bad weather (Híradó MTV)
Kurdish married couple in Szeged charged with supporting terrorism (Híradó MTV)
Hungarian gov has answered Brussels regarding it’s campaign.  Experts claims the EC has discredited itself by going into politics (Híradó MTV) Hungarian foreign minister Szijjarto: We are a thousand-year state who can’t be messed with (444.hu)
Trudeau scandal (444.hu)
Election committee refuses to investigate anti-Juncker campaign because it is no campaign season (index.hu, 444.hu)
Hungarian citizens will receive notification about voter registration from April (Híradó MTV)
In Hódmezővásárhely, a Fidesz politician was heckled during his press conference by the mayor’s supporters, when talking about how socialist council member’s daughter receiving a cheaper flat.
Hungarian couples still want to have kids. (Híradó MTV) Demography expert’s huge lie claiming Hungariandemographic miracle exposed (portfolio.hu)
Carnivals in Europe and Brazil (Híradó MTV)
Liberal-Right wing party wins election in Estonia, anti-migration conservatives doubles support (888.hu) Liberal opposition wins Estonian elections (444.hu)
In 5 years the number of underage victims of knife attack have doubled in the UK  (888.hu)
Orbán’s proposal praised by CDU expert  (888.hu)
Followers of Soros see the message of open society in the Bible (888.hu)
Gyurcsány’s business partner apprehended by Interpol (Magyar Nemzet)
Another interview with EC commissioner Navracsics (index.hu, hvg.hu)
Terroists won’t get citizenship in Germany (index.hu)
Everyday life in Germany has turned into nightmare.  11 knife attacks per day, last year 4100 was registered.  (Origo)
Migrant crime in Sweden reaches new high -right wing anti-migration parties can make huge gains. (Origo)
Fake ceiling collapses on British tourist at Budapest airport (444.hu)
Another lie from HVG about the Nagy Blanka case, in the not-yet-final verdict, Origo partly wins the case brought against the site by Nagy and her lawyer (Origo) Blanka Nagy wins against Origo. The portal wanted the parents and her headmistress to stand witness against her (444.hu, index.hu)
“Nasty flop”, Origo bounced back from court (hvg.hu)
Civil servants increased salary will arrive with March paycheck (Magyar Nemzet)
Long reads on: Home DNA tests (444.hu),


  • Fidesz’ TV2 Tények is an infamously awful news source. It was true to its reputation on Monday.

“French communists are raping” TV2 Tények, evening news. Source: lastdaysoftenyek.tumblr.com

  • Fidesz media calls Estonian liberal party ‘conservative’ after it won the elections, just to be able to claim their victory as part of the Fidesz-wave in Europe. The appearance of winning is paramount for authoritarian minds.
  • Government experts are praising Fidesz’ 8-year efforts to birth Hungarian women more. Sadly, the numbers are not adding up.
  • Still no word on EPP procedure in Fidesz media. On Sunday they used Orbán’s Die Welt interview’s talking points as guides to their opinions. But still nothing about the EPP troubles.

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