Digest / The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

A week in the dark underbelly of Fidesz media – Day #6

Two overconfident Hungarians submerged in the parallel universes of Fidesz vs. independent media. (The rules of the experiment.) It was a mistake. The second day was still fine and so was the weekend.  But that’s just because they entered the human experiment with relative mental stability – a crucial resource that gets quickly depleted.

By the fifth day, Lab Rat 1 ws showing symptoms of paranoia and Lab Rat 2 was giving up on the last hope that Hungary can be saved. Both rats were depressed as day 6 arrived.

tumblr_nkuw8kb1tV1qzn0kbo1_640 - Copy (2)

Fidesz Media
Independent Media 
Weber demands that Orbán apologizes to the EPP member parties, stops the ant-Brussels campaign and let CEU stay in Budapest, as condition for Fidesz to stay on as member in EPP (Pesti Srácok) EPP saga: Manfred Weber’s 3 conditions for Orbén to stay in EPP (index.hu, 444.hu, hvg.hu)
EPP calls anti-Juncker campaign unacceptable (444.hu)
Lőrinc Mészáros, Orbán’s rumored front, makes in to the Forbes list, ahead of Kyle Jenner (index.hu, 444.hu) Speaking about not being self-made…
Orbán taped in 1994 saying it would be nice to build a “national bourgeois” class “for strictly home use”
Márton Gyöngyösi  who wants to make a list of Jews, is attacking Israel on a tape (Origo)
Parliament votes Putin’s bank complete extrajurisdiction status and immunity into law, Putin has his own Vatican (index.hu, hvg.hu)
According to Katalin Novák, there are no countries which are able to sustain themselves. Some countries cannot choose between migration and family (Origo)
Opposition politicians fined for about one month of salary for protesting against being silenced last year (444.hu, portfolio.hu)
Facebook dictatorship bans Origo articles about migrants – the liberal terror on opinion doesn’t tolerate pieces on crimes committed by migrants (Origo)
2.8 billion to the company of oligarch Garancsi
1.6 billion to a paper factory
3 months before its bankruptcy, coffee machine maker company received 753 million forints from govt
Today it will decided if Attila Mesterházy will be excluded from the MSZP (Origo) He wasn’t (444.hu)
Hillary Clinton will not run for president in 2020 (Origo)
Financial speculators and multinationals should have influence on political decisions – András Schiffer (Magyar Nemzet)
Is the Council of Judges an institution for opposition activity? How Soros’s network is infiltrating the judicial system  (Magyar Nemzet)
In an online poll at Die Welt Orbán’s proposal about establishing a council of Schengen interior ministers received 82% approval (Origo.hu)
Orbán welcomes Macron’s initiative regarding a debate about Europe  (Hirado.hu)
Orbán and Macron ask for the same thing on border security (444.hu)
Contrary to the liberal-left wing fake news: civil servants will not get less holidays, workers with children will get more. (Origo.hu) Public servants have to work 15-20 days more
In February TV2 had the most viewers (Origo.hu)
Anti-EU Fidesz MP, who collected plenty of EU-subsidies (444.hu)
Márky-Zay is involved in an illegal property scheme (Origo.hu)
The number of migrants to certain Mediterranean countries has doubled or tripled since last year (Origo.hu)
Migration is not even on EU agenda for next meeting (index.hu) Finally…
Is the Sino-American tariff-war  nearing the end ? (Hirado.hu)
Opposition MPS tried to wreck governmental information posters, but ended up spray painting phone booths and bus stop instead. The slogans they wrote also contained spelling error. (Hirado.hu) The spelling mistakes were mentioned
Ex-PM Gyurcsány gave interview to FAZ, hinting at Hitler (index.hu)
János Halász : we will represent the people’s will in Brussels too. ( Magyar Hírlap)
Lőrincs Mészáros receives 50% dividend in the companies that belong to his children, earning hundreds of millions in exchange for 2000 euros of investment (444.hu)
OECD is also recognizing the Hungarian economy’s results (Magyar Hírlap)
The average pension is 135 thousand forints (approx. 430 euros) 444.hu
Massive pay rise for the armyof deputy state secretaries “unimaginable in private sector” (444.hu, index.hu)
Strike at Hankook (index.hu)
Brutal interference by EU, they give 65 billion to build M( highway (index.hu)
According to Századvég, the situation caused  by abuses by migrants in Germany  border to unmanageable (Magyar Hírlap)
Another member of Trudeau’s cabinet resigns  (Echo tv)
Long read on:
– Is it safe without NATO? (index.hu),
– why 13 EPP member parties are not enough to expel Orbán (444.hu),
– the private correspondence of Rákosi, Hungary’s communist dictator after WW2 (index.hu)


  • Finally, a word about Fidesz’ EPP-troubles in Fidesz’ media! It only took 6 days…

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