Digest / The Poor Mental State of Fidesz Media

The last day of the century’s most brutal human experiment: Surviving on Fidesz propaganda media for a week

Two overconfident Hungarians decided they could totally just explore the parallel media universe of Fidesz – and get out of it without brain damage. They are not so sure now. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Here are the rules of the experiment. Turns out, their confidence was misguided. There isn’t anything that can prepare you for a week on Fidesz media diet. This was the last day of the extraordinarily brutal human experiment that would be against a number of international agreements if it wasn’t voluntary. Maybe it still is due to the lasting damage…


Fidesz Media 
Independent Media
ISIS fighters escaping among civilians (444.hu)
Sweden has become a transit country, the police begs more more manpower and money (Origo)
111000 guest workers approved in Hungary in 2018 (index.hu, 444.hu)
Liberal and pro-migration forces wants to silence Fidesz ( Origo) The European extreme right claims they are negotiating with Fidesz (444.hu)
EPP internal debate is not about Orbán but its own future (index.hu)
The French Republican party stands with Fidesz ( Origo) German AfD likes Fidesz (index.hu)
All-opposition candidate for local elections in Eger (444.hu)
Szombathely deputy mayor who voted with opposition cannotbe removed but the Fidesz mayor took away his salary (444.hu)
Fidesz think tank thinker and 888.hu founder GFG taped fantasizing about a “Viktor Jugend” (444.hu)
Religious fasting isn’t a problem according to nutrition science (Hirado.hu)
Economic minister announces his own central plan for Hungary for the next 11 years (index.hu)
Russia wants to make life difficult for the West according to experts. The Russian PM’s recent visit to Sofia was meant to annoy the West. (Hirado.hu)
Austrian parties fighting over Orbán (index.hu)
Weber attacks Fidesz because of Soros. By demanding the CEU’s return to Hungary, the EPP has in fact revealed itself by lobbying for the Soros university. ( Lokal.hu) Orbán doesn’t apologize, Fidesz answered instead of him to EPP (index.hu)
Orbán has never apologized – a little history (index.hu)
Knife crime emergency in the UK (index.hu)
For the CDU it’s not problem if the chancellor in 2030 is a Muslim (888.hu)
How they caught an entire, corrupt police department (index.hu, 444.hu)
A camp of illegal migrants in Italy has been closed (888.hu)
Huawei suing US (index.hu)
The exclusion of Fidesz was not on the EEP meeting agenda. Soros has met the EU leader 20 times. (Magyar Hírlap)
IV stand put in a cast after it broke in a hospital (444.hu hospital anecdotes)
According to recent poll, Hungarians opinions of Western countries has worsened, probably because of problems caused by migration  ( Magyar Hírlap)
Long reads on: the 4-day workweek (444.hu), the effect ofgrammar genders in a language on women’s situation (444.hu), video report with the most successful Hungarian Youtubers, a couple who makes children’s animation in Hungarian (index.hu), on Cyrano de Bergerac (index.hu), Jeanne D’Arc impersonators (index.hu), flat earthers


  • The Fidesz media started to discuss Fidesz’ EPP troubles after 6 days of silence. They now blame it on Soros.

“Soros is behind the EPP attacks” TV2 Tények, evening news. Source: lastdaysoftenyek.tumblr.com

  • The independent media walked straight into Orbán’s trap by counting the guest worker permits. They avoided attacking him on the Venezuelan refugees he secretly let in. It isa humanitarian crisis, after all, and usually it is Orbán who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about people dying.
  • A day after the experiment ended, Magyar Nemzet, Fidesz’ restored mouthpiece came out with an anonymous editorial demanding that Orbán leaves EPP. He may be preparing to drop out – in which case, he is going to claim that that’s what he always wanted. Or as we say it “shut up, this is how I get off the horse!”
  • Lab Rat 1 and Lab Rat 2 now retreat to contemplate what – if anything – they have learned from this experiment and will be back with the lessons soon. If they ever open a laptop again.

Source weheartit com

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